🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

I didn’t make this personal so forgive me while I set you straight. It’s not ok to, in any public forum, attack someone directly for expressing a VALID opinion or concern. I really hope they strike you to prove that this community isn’t as toxic as it appears to be. Additionally, even if what you say is true, both issues are true. One truth does not invalidate another. I dont sound like an old lady but rather a person who is concerned. People like YOU who offer nothing but insults are the reason why communities become toxic in the first place. Go away now and sit in the corner sonny. in my little old lady voice Do you do damage control for the devs?? I know every forum has those kinds of pets.

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Wow, talk about pot calling the kettle black there. The old lady reference is to a famous, albeit fake lawsuit case highlighting that people make the most ridiculous complaints these days.

Why in the world would you imply that being “an old lady” is an insult? Are you insinuating that there’s something wrong with the elderly or women?

What “both issues” There are no issues.

No, you’re the one who’s offering nothing but insults. I gave a rebuttal to your ridiculous complaint, in return, you’ve given absolutely nothing (because you don’t have a valid argument) other than (ironically) ad hominem, insults, more complaints…

Reminder: Let’s leave off personal attacks, trolling, “earned” rejoinders etc.

“If you can’t say anything nice…” AKA follow Forum Rules.


So if I get the costume for one hero, and I don t have it, I’ll get that hero aswell?

In the new version you’ll actually get a copy of the Hero for every Costume Summoned, regardless of whether you already have that Hero.

Each Summon comes with both a Costume, and the Hero.


@cap has made a fantastic guide to The Masquerade Costume Quest, posted over here:

=> 🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade


I am looking forward to this event.
I am not prepared as I can’t make Dragon Attacks for the last stages… I started to upgrade my only Forge that can make them to Lvl 19, and it still has 2 days left lol. But we will see, I have hopes that I can do the stages without. I still have other stuff like Bombs that I can use and craft.

If I can do the first 5, I will be happy but if I can do all 6 I will really happy.

For what it’s worth, I completed the final stages in Beta (first go) with just 4* Classic Heroes… Didn’t use any items either.

My team was:
Grimm (+15)
Rigard (+15)
Wu Kong

Items I took (and didn’t use) were:
10x Mini Health Pots
5x Mana Pots
5x Time Stops
1x Miracle Scroll



I will most likely go: 2 red + 2 purple + 1 blue:

Rigard (+8) + Proteus (+3)

Wilbur + Not sure who: Colen (+11) / Scarlett (+6) / Kelille (+4) / Guardian Falcon (4/57)
When I max Falcon, I have 102 Paladin Emblems to use on him, so he will be +4

Miki (4/63)

How do you and others think they will do for those final two stages? And which of my reds should I take along with Wilbur? I do have Boldtusk too but he is only 3/60 and his special only 4/8.

I would say:

  1. take in double healers if you’re unsure… they do make a definite difference
  2. Take Wu Kong (or miki) as a tile buffer… Tiles will do most of the killing not special skills…
  3. If you got a Debuffer (like Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor or Sabina) take them cause Elena is smack in the middle & puts the counter buff on all the final bosses.

So in saying that I would suggest taking:
Wilbur, Rigard, Miki, Kiril (if you got him) & Proteus.


I do have Kiril maxed and he is about +4 or +5 I think.
So I will take him too. This was pretty much my setup for Atlantis Hard, minus Wilbur lol. So I am happy with this as it’s one i am used to.

Just “tested” by adding these in my team: 3664 overall TP and yes, my Kiril is +6

& I was able to complete all stages in beta with this team, and no items. On the last stage I brought in bombs, dragon attacks, big mana and big health just to be safe, but never had to use any of em.

So it is doable with 70 heroes, even if they’re not maxed or emblemed. Hel helped tremendously by never allowing the bosses to fire, so I’d highly recommend a mana controller in there [if you can swing it].

But the last stage is pretty difficult, so just be sure to prepare your board and SS going into it. If you wanna be on the safe side of things, bring bombs and dragon attacks, mana pots if you’ve got a mana controller, and timestops if you don’t. Last spot you can use for health pots, scrolls, more mana, or arrows/axes. It’s tough, but doable.


I am lucky to have a few decent mana/special contro:

Second Proteus (only 3/60)
Second Hansel (3/60)
Li Xiu (never use her though)

Appreciate the replies by the way, I feel more confident at being able to do it.
If I can keep my Proteus and/or Miki topped up then I should be fine, I think.
I think I will take Turtle Banners, Mini Mana, 60% Mana, and 20 Minor Health on the final stages…

Two thoughts/questions:

  1. @zephyr1 are you making a new strategy thread for this? Sorry to nag.

  2. With AR right around the corner and those shiny returning HOTMs being featured, I would expect spending to be low this month. Having Vela already myself, I’m saving my keys for a future event for extra shots at JF or Telly, but I imagine that even people without Vela will be saving them. I hope that SG won’t read into this too much and take the costume event offline again for more reworking.

You mean this one? 🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade

I’m not sure enough players know about the future HoTMs. I’m willing to be the vast majority of players don’t go on the forums.

Personally, I already got my Vela (who is my first HoTM bonus draw), and it’s a tough choice, but I’m using my keys this month because:

  1. I like that gambling thrill, and it’s better to space it out and get my high now.
  2. I really need that Hawkmoon costume for the challenge event next month. Boldtusk/Gunnar costumes are useful too for the event/raid tournaments.
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Do you mean something like the Class Trial threads, but for The Masquerade?


I was thinking something in the style of his recurring trials posts. Separating it helps keep the Memento thread cleaner and limited to feedback/updates.


Apparently that is what you mean :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, I’m not sure how that’ll evolve, but I’ll make something as a start.

btw, since we’re talking about discussion threads, do you make a new one everytime?

Like for next month’s avalon, will there be a new one or do we get to necro and resurrect the old one from the dead?

So will they give you the actual heroe with the update if you already have the costume from november? I dont know if anyone knows this. Thanks!

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