🧪 Early Information on Costumes Post-Hiatus Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v26]

I could definitly agree with you if it had been one way for months, but one time? People who have costumes and no heroes should get the heroe regardless of price increase… call it compensation fir hassell


They already gave you stuff for the hassle…

They extended Atlantis Rises for the past 2 months (Jan will be too) and are giving more free keys when the chamber opens on the 20th…

Why should you get anything more? That’s just being greedy.

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I have costume with no hero and i disagree with this. Stop being greedy.

Lol, honestly I get where you’re coming from but SG offered a feature that obviously was not ready to leave beta. Are any of us going to really throw the word greedy around? This is the highest money grossing game in the world on Android and iOS and yes, it’s a gamble everytime you spend money for pulls from the portals, but how many hours have you put in trying to find 4* ascension items? How many 5* heroes setting at 3/70 for months? How many times have you waited for a simple response to a reported bug with no answer? People pulled from the costume closet trusting SG that what was presented had been properly tested in beta before being released and planned accordingly. It’s not greed, it’s frustration. Nothing to do about it but express an opinion. I could stop playing or spending, no one is forcing me to, but I’m not gonna and that’s on me. Just think if you bought a vehicle that was recalled due to faulty seatbelts, but you bought that vehicle before they discovered the fault and only people that bought the same vehicle after the date the default was discovered got their vehicle repaired for free? You are just going to pay without being upset or griping about it or would that make you greedy?

This analogy is flawed… It would be accurate if they buyer KNEW that the seatbelts were flawed…

People the summoned and used the original costume chamber KNEW that they were not getting the hero

A better analogy would be if someone bought a new item (be it a car, vacuum, phone etc…). Then 6 months later the company released a new version of the phone or whatever.
Is the person who bought the first version entitled to the new one?


Only if the first version was recalled in its first month, taken off the shelf, and not sold again until the product was corrected. Most legit companies offer a voucher through the retailers they use to the customer for an exchange or refund on such items.

And SGG have offered compensation lol…

Not really. A few free keys…? It’s like winning the jackpot on a broken slot machine and the casino giving you a free credit to try and win again on one that’s not broken. Better than nothing? Yes.

Idk why I’m still responding but that’s not all they’ve given.

Anyways, it’s clear that you’re not going to see my view and I inherently disagree with the premise that they owe you (or anyone) anything.


If it makes you feel better, I have learned a bit from your posts in the forum and generally agree with your thoughts on most everything that I can recall rereading of yours. We’r just happen to be 180 out in this. Have a good one @Guvnor


Golly, these are just vanilla heroes. Run your TC20 fleet and get the heroes. 22 of the 5* so far and counting, but just got the last of the snipers.

How is it greedy, they did not extend Atlantis for the benefit of those who utilized costume event. They extended Atlantis for the benefit of all players BECAUSE they put costumes into Hiatus. Interestingly enough that didn’t benefit players as much as it benefited the company since that’s revenue they weren’t getting.
Business POV it was an obvious power play to appear to be giving something when nothing was given at all. Costume keys for all eligible isn’t rewarding just those who spent money in and on the costume event either. Again, that so called compensation benefits all including those who did NOT participate in said event. They are changing costumes after the fact.
Those who supported that event with money are NOT being compensated if ALL players are receiving said benefits. That’s just a pacifier.
To compensate those who actually PARTICIPATED in the costume event would be to give them something that not everyone is getting or to retroactively apply the benefit of this new change.
Why? Because it builds trust. As it stands, those who participated in the event when it was live, will not receive anything more than anyone who could have participated and did not will receive. This could be viewed as repercussions of being an early adopter. I for one view it as such and support the idea of getting a copy of the hero who’s costume I have. You guys call it greed when it’s just simple freaking compensation.
Never get that confused.

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You sound like that old lady who wants compensation because the microwave didn’t have a disclaimer saying you shouldn’t microwave your pet cat.

Putting aside the messiness of whether they even still have records of data of which players exactly bought costumes when they came out, you had cheaper costumes with a much higher chance for 5 star and 4 star costumes. Why should they suddenly give you a hero to go along with it?

From the perspective of many players, they already missed out on the chance to get high level costumes with a high probability, now they have to pay more per costume, AND for some reason those lucky few who got in early now demand even more benefits? Really?

I for one, spent gems for costumes I don’t have heroes for. I don’t expect special compensation.


I didn’t make this personal so forgive me while I set you straight. It’s not ok to, in any public forum, attack someone directly for expressing a VALID opinion or concern. I really hope they strike you to prove that this community isn’t as toxic as it appears to be. Additionally, even if what you say is true, both issues are true. One truth does not invalidate another. I dont sound like an old lady but rather a person who is concerned. People like YOU who offer nothing but insults are the reason why communities become toxic in the first place. Go away now and sit in the corner sonny. in my little old lady voice Do you do damage control for the devs?? I know every forum has those kinds of pets.

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Wow, talk about pot calling the kettle black there. The old lady reference is to a famous, albeit fake lawsuit case highlighting that people make the most ridiculous complaints these days.

Why in the world would you imply that being “an old lady” is an insult? Are you insinuating that there’s something wrong with the elderly or women?

What “both issues” There are no issues.

No, you’re the one who’s offering nothing but insults. I gave a rebuttal to your ridiculous complaint, in return, you’ve given absolutely nothing (because you don’t have a valid argument) other than (ironically) ad hominem, insults, more complaints…

Reminder: Let’s leave off personal attacks, trolling, “earned” rejoinders etc.

“If you can’t say anything nice…” AKA follow Forum Rules.


So if I get the costume for one hero, and I don t have it, I’ll get that hero aswell?

In the new version you’ll actually get a copy of the Hero for every Costume Summoned, regardless of whether you already have that Hero.

Each Summon comes with both a Costume, and the Hero.


@cap has made a fantastic guide to The Masquerade Costume Quest, posted over here:

=> 🎭 Mémento costumes quest: The masquerade


I am looking forward to this event.
I am not prepared as I can’t make Dragon Attacks for the last stages… I started to upgrade my only Forge that can make them to Lvl 19, and it still has 2 days left lol. But we will see, I have hopes that I can do the stages without. I still have other stuff like Bombs that I can use and craft.

If I can do the first 5, I will be happy but if I can do all 6 I will really happy.

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