Druid emblems: Zimkitha or Alberich

I appreciate that this is a nice problem to have, but I’m waffling between giving Druid emblems to Alberich or to Zimkitha. Both great heroes, extremely different functions.

For the sake of discussion, I assume I have all 4* and 5* heroes maxed.

Who would you choose, and why?


Don’t we always start with the question: Who do you use more often?

Great problem to have. Do you have MN as well? Alby would probably get the nod simply because his special is so very, very special and the improved stats alone make emblems worthwhile.

I love my Zimkitha but Alby is…Alby.


I think you should use them on alberich just because he is so crucial to enemies losing to you , and having him be tougher and having a minion can cause him to fire.

Zimkitha is good but i think she is already tough and extremely useful , I dont think you should do her. Just my opinion though :slight_smile:

Also depends who you use more and who you think you use more.

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I have MN, at 1/1. Yeah, shoot me, but with Alberich maxed she hasn’t risen to the top of the stack. Lianna and Hatter bumped her back.

Zimkitha may keep you from dying

Alby may bring you back from death.

Alby needs to live to make a difference and anything that helps him live longer should be done. The resurrection skill is a game changer. Alby’s resurrection brings the heroes back in (almost) fighting trim which is huge.
I say that as someone who has lost to him, not an owner. He is usually easy enough to kill but making him just a little tougher will make a large difference in win/loss ratio (IMO), lost to Chef’s Alby who fired with 2 HP left…grrrr.

The impact of an improved Zimkitha probably won’t be of the same magnitude.


Easy to understand, similar special whereas the others are filling different niches and I expect most would do the same (Hatter is very special and Lianna, well, she kills well). The MN vs Alby debate can go on for ages without a perfect answer but for you it is resolved due to the fact of having Alby first.

My personal, not deeply researched, take on Emblems is that they should be used to improve your most important heroes. You decide what is most important, tends to be most used but also could mean the one you turn to in the clutch.

I’ve put emblems on some key 4* heroes that fill a niche where no 5* serve at the moment. Wu b/c he kept getting one shotted by titans even though he is only for titans and late war.

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Zimkitha is situational, Alberich is always useful.

Alby all the way!


I consider Alby still an A+ hero, while Zimkitha a good A.
Better for war defence, ultimate safe net for raids, good stats… he is awesome.

Zim is a nice fast cleanser, but there’s no other hero such as Alberich.

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Short answer, whoever you use more like @Sternman @bom @Elpis said.

If I see both Zim and Alby on defense, my priority is to take Alby out first and with his slow mana, anything to help him is worth it.
Even if he doesn’t fire, if he’s taking the initial sniper skill attacks and thereby letting my other heroes survive to retaliate, then mission accomplished.

Zim is fantastic with her fast cleanse but she’s beefy enough to survive to fire vs GMs on raids and I may not put her on my defense.

Alberich for the mana buff that stacks with Ariel and Rez

The power escalation will keep him hearty, and played on the back left … his minions make him sturdy and it’s likely he’ll get more than 1
Plus - a buffed up Alby can resurrect a not so buffed up zim

I’m a fan of both, good problem to have

wouldn’t worry about MN too much unless you want to play both Alby and MN on the wings… imo Alby is superior if you have Ariel and value mana generation

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The minions are an incredible living shield. I have seen heroes who should have died after a deadly attack, survive thanks to the minions (I mean, attacks higher than the remaining life of the hero). If Zimkitha dies, you can bring her back with Alby, but if Alby dies, it’s game over for most cases. Use emblems on him

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Obviously I’d say go with your gut, because I trust you might know deep down who you value more, but just for extra measure:

I’m definitely saying Alberich.

I like him way more than MN solely for that mana gain and HOT. His revived come back in better health, get healed over time so they’re back in fighting shape after a few rounds, and also gain mana so they’re ready to fire their specials faster, that is, if they didn’t already get revived with full mana (because that’s always awesome too)

Zim’s cleanse is nice for the utility during raids, but Alberich does so much more than that. I mean, I like Zim and all, but Alby is on a whole nother level. He’s a life saver, literally.

Plus, increasing Alby’s life expectancy will have more of an impact on your overall play when compared to Zim. He’ll help your heroes survive longer, go off more frequently, and potentially revive them when they fall. Zim just wipes away the ailments, puts up a pretty minor attack buff, and hits everyone with the slightest scratch. Her fast mana makes her more playable, but honestly Alby is worth the wait.

Due to his slow mana, I think Alby would benefit more than Zim from emblem upgrades too. His biggest downfall is dying before he can go off, but emblemed up with a minion and stat boosts to protect him, he’ll be much more difficult to take down. Therefore, he’ll hopefully go off more frequently, or be even more of a nuisance to take down than he already is, (in some cases).

Alberich all the way :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alberich would make the most out of his class’ bonus, I would emblem him over Zimkitha:



With alby and zim in the same defense it’s more valuable to beef alby up.

I gave emblems to zim, but I don’t own alby and mn sits on 2/60.
I use my +2 zim in the tank position and she does her job rly well. I think the kitty is underrated as a tank imho.

I gave my Druid emblems to Zim as well… She’s currently +3 and my current tank for raids and war. Doing well in keeping me at around 2500-2650 with an all fast attack team - Misandra, Evelyn, Zim, Drake, Sartana.

Am working on Santa as a replacement for her, and was also working on MN till I pulled Alby. I’ve decided to stop MN at 3/70, and start on Alby. MN works well where she is as I intend on using her for offense, while Alby’s special will be better for a Kage, Santa, Victor (or Kage #2), Misandra defensive team setup.

It’ll be a while before it all comes together, but Alby will get the Druid emblems eventually.

Cleansers and dispelers are premium, but Albie and MN are a unique twosome. I give them to Albie IF you use him regularly…

How about

MN Sartana Zimi Drake Alby


I’ve met teams with both Alby and MN on the wings. Can be a pain but I tend to play mono a lot so not too big a problem with mono red regardless of what colour the tank is.

For such a defensive lineup, I’d run Misandra rather than Sartana in the hope that she’ll be able to boost mana generation on the slow heroes. Not a huge fan of running double slow heroes in a defense team though… Now if only I can get Ariel next Atlantis…

O, and it should actually be Alby, Sartana, Zim, Drake, MN :wink:

Alby would benefit most in my opinion. The minions and health/ defense buff may seem trivial but will go a long way to keeping him alive so that his special fires.

I’m in the same predicament (luckily) I’ve got Zim at 4-67 and Alby at 4-69 and I think I’m going to go Alby for the same reasons above - especially that Alby is a game changer if he can stay alive to fire special.

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