Alberich o Zimkitha

I am confused, who is better to give emblems to Alberich or Zimkitha?

For me Alberich is a hero which is more of a game changer than Zim. He can easily tip the sides of a game. Both heros are solid, so you can’t really go wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

They are both great choices. I chose Alberich because he’s on my defense. Who do you use more?

I use both, in my defense Alberich usually goes, sometimes alternate to zimkitha with other heroes. The two really used them and they make me very good heroes, that’s why I need some suggestions and ideas about it

I use them goth a lot, too, but chose Alberich because the druidic thorn minion helps keep Alberich alive. As long as he’s alive, I’ve got a good chance to win any battle. Zim is usually less crucial.

Thank you for your point of view, I will consider it

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