Beginner's Guide from Level Winner


Hi guys,

Just wanted to let you know that we published a beginner’s guide for Empires & Puzzles a few months ago, that could be helpful for players who are starting out.

Here’s the link to our guide:

Hope you like this one!



Looks great! A couple of thoughts as I read through:

  • You say RPG/match-3 games are common. Really? E&P is the only one I’ve ever played.

  • Under “Special Skills Unleashed” you might want to mention that sending attacks through empty space makes you gain mana faster. :slight_smile:

  • Under “Watchtower/PVP” you say there is no issue with doing this, but there is: lost trophies at the earlier levels. Might want to warn them of this risk.

  • “Wanted Missions”, might want to mention Rare Elemental (purple) Wanted chests and how to get/fill?

  • Section 9: Defense PVP fires your character’s specials left to right; you might want to put your healer and/or debuffer on the left so they fire first.

I like your tips! Thanks for making this! :wink:


You can try Puzzle Quest. I used to play it a lot. Quite a fun.


It’s not like E&P. I did a search and found some others but I literally had never heard of them. Ah me! :grin:


There’s one called Shadow Wars that is sort of similar - you gather monster shards to summon/level your monsters. Battle both vs the map as well as daily and weekly challenges. Join a syndicate (think alliiance) and raid each other. The game mechanics are match all vs match 3.


One thing I can’t seem to find anywhere regarding the elements damage:

Is there a difference between what damage Fire, Ice and Nature do against Holy and Dark?
The game explains that Nature>Ice>Fire>Nature, and that Holy and Dark are opposites, strong against each other but weak against their own.
However, I don’t see anything about how e.g Fire would be better against Dark than e.g Nature would be against Dark.
Any ideas?


There are 3 different base damages.
Strong = 200% (Like Red on Green)
Weak = 50% (Like Red on Blue)
Normal = 100% (Everything that isnt weak or strong)


Oops? Maybe edit it to red on green :wink:


Coorect my good man!


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Appologies! Took a gamble haha!