Does this make any sense

Ok I have 2 Boldtusk now, one is almost maxed out and one I just drew, does it make any sense at all to make adefense team using both of the heroes with say a kashrek,Evelyn and tiburtus. Just curious is all

Not particularly.

If both Boldtusks fire their specials, the attack buff will just overwrite, so all you’re really getting is a modest healing percentage.

It also would make for a lot of non-hitters, which generally makes a team much easier to kill. The one place where 3 healers can sometimes be effective is War Defense when Field Aid is active. But it’d still be preferable to mix in a healer with a different skill for that.


Not only that, generally a defense team with a double color is easier to beat than a rainbow, all other things being equal


Two Boldtusk flanks could work nicely around a green tank, since they won’t be charged simultaneously very often. Imo another buff eg from Kiril would make more sense, but I’ve seen tankey flank twins, who were very effective, when serving eg riposte or heal nearby.


Ok thanks for the info, it was just a thought lol, guess I will put the new one up for a while. It’s taking forever to get my original Boldtusk maxed

I know I’d certainly like to face that Defense as an attacker. :wink:

Presuming the tank was Kashhrek as the OP suggested, that gives you 3 center heroes with little penalty for feeding them tiles other than boosted slash attacks.

I probably wouldn’t even stack for that team, just bring fast or average heroes, charge them up with tiles thrown at the center 3, then pick off the wings first with snipers, and then kill the center 3 at your leisure.


The tank has to shoot for sure, Buddy, Cead, Skittles, LJ, Peters, Lianna or Evelyn should be put between the 2 Boldies.

A healing only center of 3 would be overhealthy tile dump meat…


Rip boldy flanks lol

I’m gonna start leveling my boldusk#3 just for fun now


Extra Boldtusks for War are awesome.

And two for some Class Trials can be great.

Just no Defense. :wink:

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I’m levelling up my second BT because he works so well with Wilbur. A lot of my heroes don’t work well with Wilbur and since I have two of him maxed, I need to build a second war team with heroes he doesn’t conflict with.

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Good, I also have 2 wilbur and 2 boldtusk. I will keep both for next project. The advantage is only for war.


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