Minor change in defense team

hi all

actually, i use ( from left to right )

Grim / BoldTusk / Kashrekk / Cyprian / Gregorian

i’m ascending Obakan, so i would make a team :slight_smile:

Gregorian / Kashrekk / Obakan / Boldtusk / Grimm ( or Triton )

i got only two 5S, so i try to optimise with 4s :sunglasses:

i have other maxed 4S ( liu xu, scarlett…) but i think grimm is pretty scarry on the corner, or triton with his powerfull snipe and up heal…

so is obakan a viable tank VS Kashrekk? on the 7DD board, it’s a B VS a A in defense

I have 3x5 star hero for raid attack and have more trouble on kashrek

He is very fast in mana, heals a lot (and neighbours) and has good defense.

Obakan was easier to beat.

I dont know. Maybe depends on the attacking team

I would not take him as tank in the middle, but place him left or right from kashrek, so kashrek tanks and heals him and he can do his special over and over again


I would go as defense

Greg /Boldtusk or liu xu /Kashrek / Obakan / grimm

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I’d put Obakan in place of Cyprian in your original lineup. Kashhrek is still the better tank.


thanxs for the advice, i’ll let kash center, Obakan will be on his right.

i think triton on the top right will be usefull…pretty scarry when Kash lauch his heal with triton’s buff :sweat_smile:


Gregorian / Bold / Kash / Obakan / Triton , should be a solid team for a platinium grade :wink:

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