Does Delay Talent Stack with Other Mana Debuffs?

So I’m currently trying to decide who will eventually get my sorceror emblems. 5* options right now are Mitsuko, Thoth-Amun, and Natalya (all 1^1 at the moment, so it will be awhile). Natalya might be an interesting choice if her -54% mana debuff stacks with the -50% from the Delay talent, but I’m not sure if it stacks.

Can anyone check to see if Delay stacks with other mana generation debuffs?

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I am also curious on this and having a hard time finding information. Natalya’s my only 5* sorceress.

I am wondering the same thing, but my choice is between Morgan and Natalya…

Other class skills like the Paladins’ Protect +defense remain even if other +defense buffs or -defense debuffs are applied… I have heard the Druid minions are able to go beyond the normal max of 3 minions…

If Natalya’s special -mana does stack with the Sorcerers’ Delay -mana that could completely lock down mana generation of an enemy for 2 turns… which sounds great to me.

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Great question, and one I’m sad to see doesn’t have an answer yet…

I’ve been debating between Mitsuko and Natalya, and the answer to this question just may be the deciding factor.

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I’m also holding back Natalya until I hear for certain. And V20 goes live.

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Since it seems I’m not the only one interested in this, I decided to take one for the team and gave 30 sorceror emblems to Sabina for testing (I should get 29 of them back, so donated 1 to science! :smile:).

What I found was that the -50% Delay was being overwritten by Natalya’s mana generation debuff, so sadly they do not stack. I suppose it would have been too overpowered if they did stack, but it also means that Natalya might not be the best choice for emblems.


Man, that’s a bummer, but thanks for being the guinea pig!

I’m assuming they don’t overwrite each other, though. I’d guess that if Nat’s special is in effect, it will probably always trump the delay effect. And unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t that kind of make Nat useless as a sorceror?


I figured Nat with 100%+ Mana debuff was too good to be true. May have to use emblems on Morgan instead. :disappointed:

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Mitsuko is a good choice, too-she does a double blow by first dropping the mana and then (maybe) lowering the gain rate.


Yeah, Mitsuko will probably be my choice now. Bit of a shame, I was hoping for a good reason to ascend Nat. I’ve wanted to max her since I pulled her, but I just can’t justify it.


Mistuko is so underrated. So good. One of the best utility tanks imo. Great on offense, in events, excellent tank, fun, and talent tree that fits her perfect. Maxed n happy.


Thanks for the input! I wanted to max her, too, I’m sure I’ll be happy with that choice.


Thank you for your sacrifice lexinen!

Looking at the silver lining… If Natalya were talended up then on attach her tile damage could cause -mana on potentially multiple heroes and then her special could used on another hero that was not affected… letting Natalya spread her -mana farther. (If the one you wanted to hit with Natalya’s special received the Delay debuff… then it is a bit redundant)

That is a good point. It potentially turns her into a random debuffer with the option to debuff a specific enemy when needed. Mitsuko’s mana reduction might synergize better with Delay, but I guess Natalya wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

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Still a small unknown here…

Talent doesn’t stack if on a different hero…
But what about if it’s on Natalya?

Sorry if I seem to be nitpicking, just want an ironclad answer.

@lexinen, just making sure I have this right.

I toss red tiles, it is possible delay works. More tiles mean more possiblities. When Nat’s special is ready, I only have to chose whether or not I want to hit an afflicted opponent. Also, waiting one turn to strike is an option. So, the biggest problem I see would be fighting a titan.

How do you see it?

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It is possible, though unlikely. I would test this out, but my Natalya is currently at 1^1 with Elena currently in my leveling queue before her.

True, on offense you can strategically choose when/where to fire her special to get the most benefit. A few things to keep in mind, though:

  • On defense, the AI won’t be able to do that effectively.
  • If Delay hits an enemy that you’ve already used her special on, it wouldn’t stack (unless @Inigo’s theory above pans out) or overwrite the existing debuff since Natalya’s mana generation debuff is undispellable. Other mana-control sorcerors like Mitsuko wouldn’t have this issue.
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One of the reasons I will pick Locke over Nat is defense. (Rebalancing has me waiting.) The one thing that make Nat okay for defense is the huge boost her tile damage gets if one goes the attack route. Even AI can’t mess that up.

Which talent tree is recommend for Mistuko?

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