Captain Kestrel or Natalya?

Hi everyone.

I am considering to ascend either Kestrel or Nat.

Both are fast hitter & I already have GM, Zim & Marj maxed in addition.

Furthermore I don’t have to hold back my rings in terms of the HOTM in February, because I’ve 12 in total.

Actually I contemplate ascending Nat because of following points:

  • good dmg
  • -54% mana generation
  • a dozen sorcerer emblems waiting to be used

But in comparison to Kestrel she only hits one opponent and it’s DOT. Furthermore I noticed that Kestrel is not to be underestimated because he hits real hard in terms of a full mana bar.

That’s why I am pretty indecisive & in need of some good advice, pls.

Thanks in advance! :blush:

Pretty sure kestrel is a dude :wink: Or that bad drag!:woman_shrugging:
I’d go nat as much I love pirates think she work better if I had to choose between the both

I picked kestrel, he’s straight damage and that’s pretty useful. Nat won’t stack with your other burn and the presence of king in defenses, coupled with the fact that monks can just straight dodge her as well, I just don’t see her as a high priority… she’s good vs alby and solid vs north but even north can avoid the mana reduction. Good luck.

With Marjana and GM in the red stack, I think Nat’s DOT is going to overwrite or be overwritten regularly. Kestrel’s fast speed multi-target flex doesn’t have the same ‘flare’ (pun intended), but it gets results.

Mother north can’t avoid the mana reduction because there is no mana reduction. Natalya slows the speed of earned mana, cleric doesn’t do anything about that. That’s the use I see for Natalya as well, being fast mana and taking down Alberich/Mother North/Heimdall and any other stupid slow mana green resurrection heroes they feel like making. She’s a hard counter to them, they will never fire and she will do a lot of damage to them also. Kestrel is more straightforward. Both good choices. I’d personally take the niche use of Natalya and prioritize that over straightforward fast damage of kestrel. Alby/MN are annoying and they’re making more of those heroes.

I mean, clerics can block it, I’m pretty certain of that. As for niche hero vs more straightforward, sure, if that’s what he wants to do, fine. I’m all for a random grimble type max for specific use cases like north and Del if that’s what the player wants, but with the heroes he has maxed I feel that’s not best, his better 3 stack would include kestrel, not nat in my opinion… If he monos, maybe he cares less, maybe he uses rainbow… that’s the thing with recommending heroes, I really have no idea what the player is after, only who I see as a fit in how I would build based off what I see working well (currently).

Also… jean is coming. A hero he may want to try for… that, doesn’t stack with nat well either.


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Wow, thx for the replies so far. That’s definitely good input to work with. I know of the benefits of Nat against MN & Albi and it sure is a big advantage but in fact not rlly my priority.
Also the resistance of monks&clerics and the overwriting of the DoT are good points that I have not considered yet.

Eventual I am really looking for something more straightforward with the result that Kestrel would be the better choice.

As I alrdy mentioned I am aware of Jean & I’ll have enough rings for him in case of summoning him…even if I am pretty sure that the chances are pretty low due to my bad luck xD

Usually I play 3/2 in terms of PvP & mainly mono in wars. My mono red team consists of BT, Wilbur, Falcon, Zim & GM.

I just had a look at Jean’s special skill & realized that it’s DoT as well :exploding_head:
That minimizes the use cases for Nat even more because of the overwriting part :woozy_face:


Just bear in mind that Jean is likely to receive a nerfing between now & release.

He hasn’t made it back to Beta as yet so the degree of changes hasn’t been finalised/ reported.

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I‘m fully aware of that fact but thanks though :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I believe that he will stay as DoT hero & won’t be changed into a direct hitter. Probably the amount of dmg will be nerfed or the amount of opponents taking dmg and the amount of def against ice :sweat_smile:

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Im at the same crossroads right now. I need a solid hero that can deal damage, so captain would initially seem more beneficial. However, Im more inclined to go with nat specifically to deal with those pesky green resurrection heroes.

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