Destiny Hunters 29/30 one needed

Established alliance. Large portion of players been with the alliance over a year. Looking for 3 new players to join us.

We are killing 10/11 star titans currently, but have taken out 12’s before when full, and fluctuate around the 220 to 250k mark for alliance score.

We are a chatty group and use line as well but there is no requirement to have line if you dont want it.

Preferably we would like new recruits to have a defence team tp around 3800 or up but this is negotiable really for the right people.

We currently use green tanks in war and a number of us have Telluria or Heimdall.

No minimum score requirements for titan hits. We only ask you hit each 3 times. If you opt into war that you use all flags and if you are not going to be around that you opt out and let us know.

If this sounds a good fit or you need more info come knock on the alliance or message me on Line: kiltedexile

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Still have spots if anyone needing a spot

One more place before we’re full.

That’s us full again.

One spot available. Not for the faint of heart. Both teams under 5 flags left.

Victory for us. War chest day. 7 wars to open this time. Get in at the ground floor for the next one.

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