Guardians Alliance is recruiting!

EDIT May 4, 2018: Recruiting for two open spots. We are up to taking down 8s consistently but need new people to start taking down 9s!

Hello all,

Our alliance (Guardians Alliance) currently has a few open spots. We are a fun, friendly group with a pretty broad range of player skill/involvement. As for titans, we take down 7*'s very quickly, 8*'s usually go down pretty well if everyone hits, and I think if we get a few more heavy hitters and some luck we can start taking down 9*'s! In the past we have been a top 100 alliance, but we don’t have strict trophy requirements so now we’re usually just out of reach.

Why should you choose our alliance?

Well, for starters, we are very friendly and will give advice and answer any questions you may have. I personally enjoy learning and sharing info about game mechanics so I answer quite a few strategy questions various group members ask.

If you have a good roster of heroes there is a good chance you’ll place in the top 1-5 spots on titans and if you hit you’ll likely be in the top 15, which means you’ll consistently be in a high loot tier. But if you are somewhat new we would also love to have you and help you improve your team!

Feel free to reply here or just request an invite in game if interested! We look forward to meeting you!

Still openings left in Guardians Alliance!

Two spots just opened up in Guardians Alliance! Join in-game or send me a message on these forums!

Three open spots in Guardians Alliance! Despite being short some members, we still usually take down 9s and always take down 8.

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