Defensive team Attack

Could someone confirm to me, if in war, our defensive team, when carried by Artificial Intelligence, is activated from left to right, or is it random? thank you very much

fully charged -> fire
several charged -> left2right
target -> random

try it on autoplay…


It is what I thought, but since in rounds I have encountered rivals who with several special loads, have not followed the norm from left to right, I had the question of whether it had changed. Thank you

Are you sure? do you have record video?
Consider also mention that maybe Ninja Heroes, if it is charged at 1x or 2x, it still RNG to cast or hold from AI.

And the AI does on occasion, I believe, spit out a revenge attack (AI special) the instant the target is hit and has charged mana.

I need help, because when a hero of mine dies in the onslaught battle, the stones lose their strength, begin to give less damage to each hero of the same color who dies. Is this the mechanics of this game or is there a problem with my account?
How do I get help from game support?

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