Question About Mana Specials

My main question: Does it matter if Misandra is left wing or right wing in raid/war defense?

Put another way:

  • If she’s on the right wing, and her special is full going into a defense team turn, and one (or more) of the other defense team heroes are nearly full, will they end up firing their specials as well that turn after she fills them up in the course of firing her own special, or will they wait until the next turn?
  • If she’s left wing, and multiple heroes (including her) are already full at the beginning of a turn, then the mana generating portion of her special is somewhat wasted. (On the other hand, if she’s full and others are near-full, then I KNOW she’ll fill them and they’ll fire immediately.)

Similar question for Alby and Mother North: I almost always see them on the left wing, and I know that if they revive a hero with full mana, that hero will fire immediately. Is the same not true when Alby/North is right wing?

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Nobody else knows either, huh? =-]

I had read that even if Misandra would perform chain strikes and charge the someone’s mana it would start the special round in the next turn (wait 1 turn, fire) so I think that she should stay right, to not waste possible allied mana by firing first and ending to charge an already charged hero.

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Got it, thanks!

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That’s true, but on the other hand she can fully charge someone’s special and have them fire during the same round. I guess there’s an argument for either side.

If they could fire their special in the same round then it would be better to let her fire before the other heroes but this isn’t what were told to me: that the charged heroes would cast their special after another round.

Funny: I read FraVit’s comment, and took it as a reason to have her on the left, even though he explicitly said he thinks it’s a reason for her to go on the right.

I should also add that, I’ve been watching some map level auto-play with her on the right, and when she does end up filling another hero’s special, that hero does still fire theirs during the same turn, before tile moves. So I’m thinking he also got some bad advice from whomever told him otherwise. Maybe it works differently in raid/war defense than auto-play attacking, but I’d find that surprising.

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I’m starting to wonder if whoever told you that was wrong. I’ve been using her to farm on auto-play, in the right wing position, and when she fills another hero’s special, they fire immediately, before tile moves. I’d be surprised if the same thing doesn’t happen in raid/war defense too. Hopefully I can find someone to raid who has her in that position, so I can attempt to test it.

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