Time to ask Embarrassing Questions

Thank you in advance for reading & answering these niggling but serious questions. I’ve been playing for 9 months & have been too embarrassed to ask but haven’t been able to find:

  1. AI fires left to right. My left or AI’s left?
  2. If a hero does 365% damage to the enemy, from what is the 365% calculated?
  3. Where on the card do you find a hero’s tile damage?
    Whew. Glad to have my ignorance out in the open. :blush: I hope this helps someone else! Otherwise I’m thicker than I thought…
    :bouquet: Thank you!
  1. Firing will be left to right, as you look at the screen.
  2. Involves heros attack, enemy’s defense, attack buffs, defense buffs, troops and is way complicated. I dont claim to understand it.
  3. On a card you see 3 numbers - attack, defense and hp. Attack is the number you’re looking for, that represents tile damage for that card.

Most people would create an angry thread for something they don’t understand. Thank you for asking the questions to try and understand. :vulcan_salute:


So, your left. If the order is:


Alby fires first

Also, all specials fire left-to-right, and then all normal (slash) attacks fire left-to-right.

It means “multiply the attack stat by 365% when calculating damage.”

The core damage equation is:


  • 100 * (Attack * Special % / Defense) ^ 1.35


  • 100 * (Attack / Defense) ^ 1.35


  • 33 * ((Sum of all attack stats of that color) / Defense) ^ 1.35 * Strong_Weak

Where Strong_Weak is 2 if the tile is strong against the defense, 1 if it’s neutral, and 1/2 if it’s weak

There is some subtlety here, since defenders get a 120% boost to both their attack and defense. And buffs get added in with the special’s percentage. So if you have a 33% attack buff and a 365% special, the multiplier is 398%.

Nowhere :slightly_smiling_face: See the above equation.


@Kayo it was worth the shame to learn there is a :vulcan_salute: emoji!!! Thank you!!!
:smiley: :vulcan_salute:


@Garanwyn I will have to study this further in the morning. I’m relieved it wasn’t a simple answer but disappointed that I still don’t understand much more than,“Wow, that probably took a long time to post…” :laughing: :vulcan_salute:


@Ragnarock I finally understand the left to right thing and will sleep better tonight knowing I am not playing the game dyslexically. Thank you!!! And thank you for sharing my confusion re percentages & formulas!!! :confused: :vulcan_salute: :cake: :coffee:



Ty for sharing the damage calculation. Just what I needed to calculate the amount of damage I will handle/receive (yup, I’m that meticulous when it comes about numbers)


You’re welcome. Just to be super clear, no one knows what the real damage equation is other than SG. This is what we players have worked out as a good fit to the data.

The thread that talks about it in detail is here:


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