Defense Team Hero Order

Looking for some input in the best order for my defense team heros. Here is what I currently have from left to right:

Hu Tao (4^57) (AOE, Accuracy debuff)
Gadeirus (4^52) (Health/attack+ buff for nearby)
Colen (4^70) (AOE, DOT)
Rigard (4^37) (Healer, debuffer)
Grimm (4^43) (defense debuffer)

Seems to be working pretty well as some teams with higher power are losing to me but I feel like my right side is a little weaker at the moment and wondering if anyone has any different ideas for odering them. I also have a ton more 4 stars waiting to step up to the plate. Namely Kashhrek, Li Xiu, Boldtusk all are at 3^60. Just got Wilbur in the last Atlantis summon as well and will be working on levelling him up.


I would put them in this order:

Level both Wilbur and Boldtusk, they are worthy :slight_smile:


Cleanse, heal, debuff, buff, hit would be my fav order… and if Wu, always last…

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That’s a sweet lineup. I have Rigard and MN on the flanks with Boril up front and wedged in between Justice and Sumitomo. I have found from personal experience how frustrating the combo of Rigard and MN can b so I went with it. It seems to work. She can from time to time bring everyone back at once and if Rigard was killed just as his mana was filled it’s like a new ballgame. God I wish had Justice stronger though.

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Dang I’m jealous of your MN! Really wanted her, she is such a pain in the butt to face. I still have yet to pull a 5 star hero. I have amassed 20 4-stars tho! With a couple duplicates (2 Li Xius, 2 Caedmons, 2 Kashhreks and 2 Ameonnas) And lots of 4-star ascension mats piling up, so once I finally get one I should be able to level him/her up pretty quick.

I will tell u 5​:star:s r a gift and curse. I am not a lucky person by nature. I don’t win scratch offs and I do always get the jury duty summons. :angry: So when I did start this game I would and still do always save my gems and tokens and do 10 pulls. I think I’ve spent $4.99 twice to get where I need to b. Anyway if u definitely have a special event like Alice or a monthly special here’s something I noticed. I’ll include a pic too. Wait till the last 24 hours of the event and thenclose rromthe actual end ur at the higher u can actually watch the percentage button go up. Do it then. I’ve killed it with that approach. Here’s the rub though… 5​:star:s take forever to ascend and the items r rare. Don’t seek them out like u need to have them. Especially with the new hero function. Ur gonna b great. But here is how I’ve managed with my system of waiting and then I’ll send u the place to check percentage of type pulled in case u were not aware.
These r my 5⭐️s. Notice the special event characters in particular.

image image image image


Here’s the info button. So help me waiting till the end pays off too

I am now a confirmed believer in the last minute pulls! I am impatient for the new heroes and would pull as soon as they came up, but didn’t do well.

Then a few months ago I made myself wait and on a 10 pull right at the end (less than 30 minutes to go) I pulled three 5* plus the bonus hero ! Now I wait!

Since I am now C2P I save gems and coins, plus any epic hero tokens I acquire along the way.

Just realized this is off-topic from the OP, sorry! But I didn’t feel I could offer better advice than what the previous responses gave…solid suggestions and should be an improvement.

This last Atlantis I had enough coins for 6 pulls, and added gems to make a total of 10 for the ascension item chest…no Atlantis heroes, but got Frida, which I feel was pretty good for just 10 pulls.

This was with about 15 minutes to go on the event.

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I have been telling my alliance members but they think I’m just nuts. The proof is right there. I haven’t missed a monthly in forever and look at MN plus QoH and so on. It works I swear. Oooohhh … also start to get excited if u do a pull of ten and by 6th one or so u notice they’re all 3⭐️s and it’s a repetitive list cause I bet u get the special

There is another trick too that will seem to work almost every time. If ur a hoarder like me and it sounds like u r cause I save tokens andnstaltis coins like crazy. So pissed I was swamped at work and missed my last hour Atlantis pull. I had 1100 coins! Anyway. Make a 10 pull in the first hour of the event. Has to b first hour. That can sometimes yield big. But if it’s a bust wait the entire 3 or 4 days and in the final hour of the last day it seems to really make up for it. I have my theories on this too but let’s just say I could not have put a roster together like that without stupid luck when I just started and then stumbling onto something. I’ve only been playing 8 months. Anyway good luck hunting 5⭐️s!!!

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That is insane! I admit I am skeptical, but I’ll try anything to get my first 5*!! Thanks for pointing this out to me I am definately going to save my gems and coins up for the next event and try this out :slight_smile:

It’s funny because even my own alliance buddies think I’m nutty then one finally tried it and first time out pulled Justice and hero of the month. She was then a believer! Remember that icon too and check the percentage increases. Strike when u c the first rise in percentage. Typical is about a .1 jump at first then it can jump another .2 - .4 right in the last hour

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So I waited until the last 5 minutes of the recent Atlantis summon then used 3 token pulls and a 10-pull from gems. Got Sartana and Frida!! And also Kiril and Sumitomo. Not too bad! The percentages never went up but for whatever reason, it seems to have worked! :grin: thanks for the tip, going to be doing this for every event from now on!

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Just let everyone keep thinking we’re the crazy ones. We can take in all the 5⭐️s ourselves!!! Guess who waited till the last 6 hrs of the Fire Heros Special and having just saved his 2700th gem had enough to do 1 10 pull and got…

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Haha nice, that is awesome! I am saving up gems for the upcoming Teltoc event cause I really want some Guardian heros, so we will see how that goes!

I’m looking forward to that too but I actually avoid pulls for the most part anymore cause I’m actually scared of more legendary heros on my roster. I will b 74 years old before they’re maxed. Look st this. Do u have any idea the materials I need?! Oh and I’ll show u my epics too. This is my entire flipping team minus 3 maxed Rares. But this is why I wrote this topic piece too. Check it out.

Jeeeezus! Yeah leveling 5 stars is definately an exercise in patience, and the amount of ascension mats you are gonna need is ridonkulous! You should probably just let me have some o them 5 star guys :upside_down_face:

P.s. that link just took me to the general gameplay tactics topic, not a specific thread :man_shrugging: