Best Order of Heroes?

These are the heroes I’m running on Defense… I was curious what was the best order for them & which formation… I’m currently running them in “Reverse Formation” but obviously can change that at anytime… I’m still finishing off Guan Yu as soon as I strip Emblems & get more food, so basically I have everything to completely max him out over time… I’m just curious what everyone’s thoughts were about the formation… Thanks!! :+1:

Oh, and btw, I just got Wolfgang from the portal & have the mats to level him & to LB him, so I can replace Faline with him eventually… Thanks again!

What is the strategy with this team anyways? Is it just your strongest heroes all together?

No, not the strongest… I have 43 5*’s maxed out… This one was for high damage & Mana Control… I had been running LB Fogg-Elizabeth-C. Magni-Hannah-Faline… With that group I was staying 2700-2800 cups… Finally finished Guan Yu and his D Down so out with C. Magni…