Defense team help :)

Hey, need some help whit setting up a defense team for raids/war. Here are my current heroes

Thank you.

Anyone? :smile:


Zimi Lianna Onatel Aegir Khiona

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Thank you :slight_smile: what about for now whit the leveled heroes

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Maybe Wilbur instead of Zimi, till she’s up.

I think, Khiona is leveled enough, but Victor or Quintus could also replace her as long as grows up.

You can also test Proteus, but he doesn’t work very good with Onatel. But give it a try anyway, could be ok.

Aegir tank with Victor flanking him makes a very good combo.

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Thanks for all the replies id still like help whit how to line up my team :slight_smile:

Id say this but you should level Zimkitha First:

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Thanks who should i use on that spot while im leveling her?

Boldtusk or Hansel could be good replacements :slight_smile:

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