Defense team advice request

Hey all, I finally pulled White Rabbit the other day and would like to get some advice on adding to my defense team. I currently run this for defense

For a while, I’ve wanted to give emblems to Jabbarwok and swap him in for Kage, but he has a conflict with Drake for Monk emblems. Now that I have White Rabbit though, I’d like to strip Drake and give them to Jabbarwock, leaving Rabbit to replace drake and keep my rainbow team in order.

Has anyone run this defense, is there anything I’m overlooking? Appreciate any help you can provide.

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You should do the switch to avoid the emblem conflict between Kage and Gravemaker. Also, Drake Fong is an awesome hero on defense but when it comes to the wing spot, Jabberwock is better because his effect can’t be cleansed.

Your team should be White Rabbit- Gravemaker- Telluria- Vela- Jabberwock. I lost many times against the team above because it has a lot of firepower, everyone deals a status ailment and all the heroes except the tank charge at fast/very fast speed.


Thanks for your input, that’s what I was thinking too. Kage and Gravy were a tough match up because of the emblem conflict. But it didn’t feel right to throw +5 Sartana in for Kage and my other dark hero’s aren’t leveled yet. I also have +5 on Black Knight, so my barbarian emblems are spread out a bit atm.

Do it. WR and Jabberwock belong on your defense team.

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