Emblems .... Raid defence .... Jabberwock or Drake?

Hey all,

Just got Jabberwock to 4/80 but my emblems are currently on Drake … would it be worth switching them ? Both these characters will be a challenge to get into my raid defence team … currently it is:

Finley - GM - Telluria - Vela - Killhare …

But thinking of …

Finley - Jabberwock - Tellluria - GM - Killhare


Honestly, I think Jabberwock is a beast. +1 for Jabberwock from me.

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Don’t think you could go wrong with any of those options, they are all great defence heroes. Guess it also depends on what kind of war defences you use in your alliance, if you have a common colour order as a strategy for the whole alliance

Personally I find Jabber more intimidating than Drake on defence, except for when I use BK and for as long as Jabber remain on the wing

What other yellows do you have?

Jabberwock/White Rabbit as wings is good

Jabberwock/Musashi as wings is also another great option for defence, if you happen to have any of those

Forgot about white rabbit … current defence team…

Drake is a good all round utility hero, but I would strip my Drake in favor of Jabber if I had him. He’s just too good on defense and no other hero does what he does.

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