Defence team success rate statistics

I started a statistical project. I am recording results of all the attacks that are made against my defence team in excel.
I am trying different defence teams and I am computing their success rates.

I am also distinguishing attacks from different strengths of attackers.

Please, have you done something like this yourself?
Or do you not anybody doing similar project?

I am just in the beginning, but already some results are exciting.


All sounds really good. Are you sharing the data in the forum as you progress? Sounds really interesting / exciting

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Stop attacking at all and see how many cups your def can hold.

That would probably be the best method to compare different teams.

The longer you’ll wait the better the results will be.

Own attacks will lead to false data.

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Not yet. I started only 8 ago. So far I have got only 167 entries.
So far I am trying to find out the best statistical methodology.

Let me share some findings that surprised me:

  1. Revenges are statistically much more successful. About 90% of all revenges succeeded to defeat my defence teams. But only about 50% of Enemies raids succeeded. This ratio is same even if I compare same strengths of attack teams.
  2. I am testing Frida and Anzgogh as tanks. (Finishing levelling o Aegir and Onatel right now)
    Frida is much successful against attacks bellow 4050.
    Surprisingly Anzgogh tank is winning more often agains 4200+ attackers. Do not know why so far. Maybe statistical error. Maybe strong players are not used to him.

But this is just a teaser.
Above all, I would like to find out, whether somebody is already working on it. Or if somebody want to co-operate with me on this project.


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