“Battle Reports” are needed that show actual teams used to attack your defense

@Guvnor @yelnats_24 @Razor and others - Is there a reason why developers haven’t implemented the ability to see the “actual” team used to defeat your defense? It seems like it would go a long way to helping players understand their defenses and where their defense may be lacking.

I apologize if there is a thread out there that already has discussed this. :wink:


I don’t think they have considered this idea. Never mentioned in beta-beat thread. They are too busy creating OP costumes.


Maybe that would be counterproductive… :joy:
Once you see your shiny and expensive defence is beaten by 4* heros… Maybe you would lose interest to invest so much in it. :see_no_evil:


Very true! As I battle the 4700+ teams, you know the defenses they are using are not the team they attack you with. It would be nice to see. :wink:

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Yeah, not sure it is something SG would want to do. It would probably result in “hero X should be nerfed” even more, and show you data that SG doesn’t really want you to have.

They very occasionally give you an insight into the data they collect on attacks, but they really don’t want you to know. The more data they give you, the less control they have, is probably their position


If they implement those friendly raids, as a new feature, a limited amount of data will be available. But more I think about it, maybe it does make sense to keep attacking strategies secret-ish. It would be a huge source of knowledge how to play this game, what are possibly good sinergies - all at the expense of “better” players. Who may, or may not, want to share their wisdom with others.

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Your responses make sense. The synergy of certain heros on defense would be the key info that would come out of having these reports. It would make certain heros relevant again if they work well with other heros on defense.

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