Defence team around Guinevere

Hi guys

Would (left to right) Misandra - Seshat -Guinevere - Anzogh - Sartana be a good defence team? Only realistic alternatives at this point would be to replace some of these with Azlar, Isarnia, Hatter, Vivica or double Seshat.

I would run double Seshat, she is way better than Sartana and Guinevere would already take the emblems, right? If it’s for war feels free to keep Anzogh, otherwise I would run this team:

The Hatter - Seshat - Guinevere - Seshat - Misandra

@FraVit93 can you explain why the Hatter. Mine is up and coming but I have not considered him to go on my defense team.

Thank’s. I was thinking Misandra left of Guin to take (more) advantage of her increase of mana-effect to allies. Think I’ll play around with both Hatter and Anzogh, but thought Anzogh’s heal could be more useful than Hatter’s buff-stealing on defence? Both do decent damage although not top of the class

He delivers a very strong punch and his position is mainly to steal every buff before the other specials would go out.


@FraVit93 Thanks, that’s a very promising prospect. I will definitely give him a try in my defense team. Great to have in my aftrek team even though he is not fully leveled.

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Others usually stack purples against a Guin tank and Seshat is known for being an anti-Guin. So flanking Guin with 2 Seshat definately the best way.
@FraVit93 was correct with The Hatter - Seshat Guin - Seshat - Misandra but if the opponent is using heavily buff heroes, you could try replacing Misandra with Anzogh as the stolen buffer may works in Anzogh’s favour.

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@AliceCooper in what way does stolen bufs work in Anzogh’s favour? I have not yet tried to combine Hatter and Anzogh. And might need to rethink my defense strategy.

Any stolen attack buffer will increased Anzogh’s overall damage, thus add up to the amount of healings too! Result getting better with higher number of opponents.

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