Defence set up help

So with new formations I have been trying out this:

My thoughts were red and blue at front so if stacking have to be weak against at least one, along with the potential for LotL to add a minion to everyone each time.

Drawback is that with her speed I’m not sure if will fire until too late, very susceptible to Skadi/ Uraeus and from target and nearby (but that affects any with this formation.

Thinking may be better like this ( with Richard & Anzogh at front and Seshat & Poseidon in the rear)

If anyone has any other thoughts/ideas on better set-ups its be appreciated.


@moderators … there are probably going to be quite a few threads being created asking about best defence set up in new raid formations from today.
Can we merge into one thread or create a “master” thread for possibly each of the new formations?

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Of those two, I think the double suit those heroes better. That said, only the reverse set up gives me fits while attacking. Try it all 3 ways and let us know the results.

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There may well be but there are a large number of threads anyway requesting help setting up defence teams dont see me making this as any different. They typically get about 5 posts and are buried quickly enough

It wasn’t personal to your post sorry. I see lots of posts requesting advice on Raid defence set up. I just thought we would see more posts now about which heroes fit better into the different formations.
There is loads of stuff in the Beta thread to be honest, but it’s all very jumbled and confused.
Whichever heroes you choose to use in whichever new raid formation - I wish you luck

Edit - I am as confused as many others on who to use in a raid defence lineup and which formation is a better fit. I asked a similar question in this thread:


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