Defense Team and Formation: Need your Advice! :-)

Hi there,

since the implementation of formations has been introduced I am testing around a lot. I am still not convinced if I have found the best possible Defense Team setup / formation.

Here is my Hero roster:

I am interested to hear any thoughts or advices on how you would assign my defense team / formation with these heroes I have.

It`s pretty obvious that these Formations have to be tested and the best one is the one which keeps you at the maximum cups. I am here for inspirations only.

Thanks in advance!

Greetings and a nice weekend,

What have you tested and what were the results?

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I tested double Formation: 2 in the front 3 in the back with Jean-Francois / Krampus / Sif / Telluria / Ursena. This means Sif in the middle buffs all other team members while Krampus and Telly try to safe Sif. Results were ok. I am not sure however if Sif always gets to go off until its too late…

Also tried Reverse double with Telluria, Krampus, Ursena in the front and 2 snipers in the back which was also ok.

Still with so many choices I am happy to get new suggestions which I can try out. :slight_smile:

This. And since you have tested them already, retry them again… and more. The defense raid formation setup that loses you the least amount of cups would be your best raid defense team and setup. Experiment more.

I came here mainly for new inspirations for other setups and formations to try our. If you have some ideas you are free to share. If you don`t have any ideas there is no need to involve yourself :slight_smile:

You missed the point.

When you were urged to try different setups and from there determine which of them lost you the least number of cups overnight, it basically tells you that such defense team and formation may be your best.

Players have different heroes, heroes emblemed, troops and its levels, raiding style and raiding arena. I may have the heroes you dont have and vice versa. I may have my troops leveled to such degree while you don’t or vice versa. In the past, forum users and players can validly provide querying players the best set up for defense. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same heroes and troops. This is compounded more with the now fully implemented alternative raid defense formation. There are defensive heroes that don’t really shine on the classic defense formation but may shine in the new ones. One cannot really provide you a tailor cut defense team and the specific formation. Again, we don’t have the same heroes and troops, and possibly the same amount of emblems on the hero and the level of troops. Unless you are a whale where you have most, if not all, of the prized heroes fully emblemed and troops fully maxed. If such is the case, you only need to check the leader boards and check which of them have logged out for the longest time yet still managed to get to the top 50. He may have one of the most solid regular raid defense out there since he or she is able to maintain on top while offline.

Right now, a lot of players are still experimenting which would be their best defense, except those whales. When you were urged to experiment and determine which of the heroes on defense and the particular raid defense formation lets you lose the least amount of cup consistently overnight, that would be the best defense.

That was the idea. That was the point. And you missed it by a mile. :blush:


Again thanks for sharing the obvious Ultra. I think I got your point now and there is no need to add anything further to it.

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Double with kunch, crampus, sif, telly, marjana.

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Jeez finally a suggestion for what I came here for :slight_smile:

Thank you Agl, I will try that!

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you could double down on the yurple with malosi, ursena, sid, clarissa, and C joon, in a M formation. You deny the offense any strong color.

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Thank you Gundar for your idea. I will definately try this :slight_smile:

Still open for more suggestions for different setups and formations.

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