Def. team to stay at 2400 cups

Hi everybody,

since the last three month Iam struggling with the 2400 cups for the diamond raid level.

It’s not the problem to reach this level, but somehow I am not able to find a good defense team to hold the cups.

Currently I am working with:
Tarlak 3-70
Sonya, 4-70/8
Boldtusk, 4-70/11
Cyprian, 4-70
Vivica, 4-80/6

What do you think about this lineup?

Margie, 4-80/5
Cardmon, 4-70
Gadeirus, 3-60

Blue (worst colour for me )
Kiril, 4-70

Gormekj, 4-70/6
Colen, 4-70/5
Scarlett, 3-60

Rigard, 4-70
Tiburtus, 4-70
Domitia, 3-70

Wu, 3-60
Leonidas, 3-70

Any ideas are pretty much appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Any rainbow above 4000 will.


I think you’ll need some more maxed 5 stars to stay there, sorry to say. Until I had a full team of 5s I would drop back every time I logged off.


Vivica+6 - Rigard - Colen+5 - LJ+4 - Boldtusk+11

wait, edit: too many healer…
Vivica+6 - Tiburtus - Colen+5 - LJ+4 - Boldtusk+11
or swicth Colen with BT

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Based on the heroes you list, I don’t think you can construct a defense that can hold the Diamond tier every night. It might on some nights, but will definitely be booted out from time to time. Are you opening your chests in Diamond? If so, I’d say this is a non-problem.

Be patient, make sure you have at least one TC20 running, depending on your budget and playstyle consider doing a few summons, etc., and until then just accumulate ascension materials, feeders, and emblems. You’re in a perfectly fine place right now!


From my experience to stay at 2400 cups you’ll need at least 3 5*, with a really good 5* tank and possibly a rainbow team, but a 2+1+1+1 will work too if the heroes of the same color stay distant or are flanks.


I’ve found that some of it comes down to psychology as well. If you can construct a defense that’s scary, you will hold better just by virtue of getting attacked less frequently. You never know how many people are rerolling on your defense.

When I had Richard tanking center, I’d get attacked a lot. With Ares in center, it happens a lot less.

I think the strongest defense you can muster would be putting Vivica at center. Flank her with hitters, and that’s the best you’ve got.

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In the past few months, I’ve seen many teams that I would expect to hold diamond (2400+). The teams I am referring to are x>4000 and consist of 5 5* heroes. I always thought these teams would hold in diamond, but recently something seems to have changed… Suggestions or ideas anyone?

Unless you’re raiding successfully all the time you probably need 4100 tp to stay in diamond these days

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It’s because has many new players and also new best heroes utility for attacker.
So, more player at the top, consider it is more harder to get thropy, because so many new top player comes join in that arena.

because there are some players (like me) who always go for stronger enemies. As I have to practice for AW, I won’t waste the precious flags in tests, so I do experiments in normal raids. I keep around 2100 cups, so it’s not hard to find 4k+ TP enemies. There are still some tanks which I avoid at all, but I could even manage to bring down once a 4300 TP team.

Emblems change the power balance, one of the reasons my alliance increased entry gate from 4k to 4100+ when recuiting.

There are also big differences in effeciency between team compositions of similar TP teams.

My defense is Joon, Marjana, Richard, Vivica, Lianna. All emblemed, 4180 TP, seldom under 2500 cups.

I believe that attitude brings good improvements of offensive skills and getting knowing your hero combinations. I do the same, I feel it contributes to my war performance a lot.

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With only 2 maxed 5 * and 3 emblem’ed 4 *, I don’t care about holding onto diamond. I just make sure I get back to diamond arena for the better loot. And the first step is either by going mono, 3 - 1 - 1 or 3 - 2 with high attack stats 4 * combi.


First of all let my thank everybody for the great and helpful feedback.

I have the mats to bring Dominica and Leonidas to maximum as well, would this be a game changer? I thought both are not worth it, because there are a couple of better heroes in the same colour. But otherwise, you never know what you get.

Also I forgot to say that I have Atomos sitting at 3-70, but up to know I am not a fan of him.

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Is the loot really better? In the boxes I opened yet on diamond tier, there has been no really advantage… But maybe I just have been unlucky.
Also I just opened around 5-10 boxes on this stage, as I try to open two hero boxes a day if possible, to make sure I have an elemental box every 6-9 days. So mostly I do not have the time to wait till I am back im diamond tier to open.

one more thing in my opinion is, that there have been a couple of strong HOTMs released the last month. That makes it a lot harder with a team of regular 5* heroes.

there are about 20 - 30k difference in foods and iron. Else, an eht or ett and 3 * AM pop up on the lucky day which I never received in platinum.
Too bad the titan chest loots are mostly craps lately.

The only answer is stacking. I find out its almost impossible to beat a +5 Guin or +7 Kunchen without stacking or going mono. Win some lose some.

In my experience (close to 5000 won raids) keeping a high trophy count has not so much to do with your defense team, but with your attitude about raiding. My defense is nothing fancy, far from the all praized 5x5* 4000+, with a 4* tank, still, I have no trouble keeping my trophies between 2500 - 2600 most of the time, while nowadays seeing Guins and Kunkhens and Gravemakers in platinum arena is not an unusual sight at all… my experience sais high trophy count is keept by attacking not by defending.

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