Def. team to stay at 2400 cups

My experience are totally different. I can say that I am winning over 90% of offense raids, but its just like it is at soccer: Offense wins the game, defence the cups.

All the cups you have won around the day are worthless if you get attacked 15-20 times at night and loose 90% of them.

Never had such a good day too.

The titan box loot is one of the useless things in this game, a single loot of a titan ( 5* or higher) is better than every single titan box I ever opened.

It really does require mostly maxed 5* heroes. I’m able to hold mid 2400s with Boldtusk +7, Athena +4, Hel +4, Joon +4, Colan +4. I only recently maxed Hel and swapped her in for a Cyprian +1, and the difference is significant. I get attacked much less often while I’m offline. I still win about the same fraction, but it seems people see Hel as a tank and sort of move along…

I think maxing Leo and Domitia would certainly help you but they aren’t ideal for defense, besides you’re lacking a good tank. I would run at least 2 tc20s and hold out for better were I you. I run Vivica-Marjana+6-Thorne+5-Lianna+7-Sartana+5 and stay around 2500+ normally so it can be done with regular tc20 heroes, just need ones that work well together. I used to use Rigard+14 instead of Vivica but this seems to be better.

Idk about that-I’ve only been in diamond for a few months and gave gotten rings, a tonic, Damascus blade, hidden blades, trap tools, etc…just luck I think but alot better than when I was in platinum.

This really looks like it’s worth it.

However, I never mind that I found any useful items in the platinum loot and now this comes around:

Number 6, therefore: GM or Ares could just come around and will be taken to the maxx…


That’s what I thought, sped leveled Mitsoku and emblemed her to 7 a couple days ago and I fell from Diamond to platinum overnight for the first time in 5 months (+4200TP team). Will never tank her again, lol


Is this the actual order you play them in? Vivaca on the wing must take a long while to charge at slow mana…

If you can’t hold the cup, don’t hold the cup, just stay 100 cup below diamond at 2300, 3800 TP defense can do that.

When the chest come out, use all 6 flags, you might ended up around 2450, in the next 2 hours, you will have 2 flags ready to fill your chest completely, usualy 3800 TP defense can hold 2 hours inside diamond league.

That is how I open my chests in diamond.


Yeah @badassninjadad, that’s how I’ve had em for months. I tried with Viv flanking for a few days but was getting murdered so I put her back lol. I’ve read that defense teams get some kind of a boost to try’n make up for stupid AI so perhaps that, combined with mana troops is helping her…? I really don’t know but seems to work great-I often come back to more cups than I had when I logged off.

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Hey man, do what got you there :):grinning: thx for the reply

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I think the same, that’s why they are still at 3-70. Could Quintus be a better option for defence? Just received him from my tc20. Big problem is that he is slow and I do just have 209 emblems and no mana troop for him. :frowning:

Just made some changes that helped to stay around 2300 cups:

BT 4-70/11
Kiril 4-70/10
Vivica 4-80/6
Cyprian 4-70/9
LJ 4-70/9
I managed to open the last 5 boxen in diamond tier, so I think this will work for the moment.

Thanks to everybody for the great feedback.


Not having Quintis myself, I would just be going by stats and other players opinions and I really don’t like doing that so hopefully someone with 1st hand knowledge of him will pop on and advise you on that. Wish I could be more help.

Being slow mana, most of the time my Quintus never had a chance to cast his special against the opponent. Even with Lancelot’s buff.
He is now covered in the dust.

Didn’t you vac him this tour?
He’s one of the top tanks there.

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I actually forgot that I’ve got him until the raid tournament started. Too late for him to join the party.

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Just me again.

I now have Vivica, Marjana, Dormitia as full leveled 5*.

As I would prefer a rainbow defence team, what do think of:


Domi Viv Gad Bo Marja

If Gad and Bo will get emblems, that possibly will keep you in diamond, but not sure.

Replace Gad with Elk, Kad, Horgh or a better green and Bo with Magni, Isarnia or another good blue.


Thanks a lot Olmor. I pulled Thorne, but Iam afraid he will not be the best option to replace Boril, right?

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