Deep Blue Sea Recruiting 2 Spots - Active, Fun, Caring Alliance

The short story:
Deep Blue Sea is an active, fun and caring alliance where we like each other, do well in the game, but realise life comes first. We are looking for two new members to join us.

The long story:
I started playing this game again about 5 months ago and joined an alliance where nobody ever chatted. Until… One day everyone started chatting… In Romanian. I have no gripe against Romanian, but I don’t speak it and the alliance language was English. So I decided it was time to move on. I took the last spot in an alliance which said it was all about fun. I quickly discovered that I was the only active player and some people (including the leader) had not been on the game in over a year. Fed up of killing 1 and 2 * titans by myself, I looked for another alliance. The one I found was much more competitive and as a beginner, I often got told off. I was starting to get fed up and then bam! I When I went to bed there were 22 members, when I got up, one person had got their knickers in a twist and sparked a mass exodus. There were only 9 left! Again, I decided it was time to move on. By this point I had wondered if the alliance I was looking for even existed! Somewhere with active players who were chatty, friendly and didn’t abuse each other for a bad war performance. I thought I would give alliances one more try and I joined Deep Blue Sea. I carefully checked how long ago everyone had been active and quickly knew I was in an active group. Then it happened! We were way ahead on the titan. Maybe 50k left with 18 hours left. The leader (Milana) asked people who had already hit the titan to leave it so that others could get a hit in and get some loot. Suddenly my heart missed a beat - An active alliance who actually care about one another doing well! This was the place for me and I love it here. Come join us!

Other things you might like to know:
We generally kill 7* titans and some 8*. Just make sure you prioritise hitting the titan when you come online.
War is encouraged, but optional. Just make sure you use your flags if you do participate
If you need to be offline for a while, just let us know. We generally kick people after about 7-10 days inactivity if they haven’t said anything.
We have a Line group, which you are encouraged to join, but not all our members are on it.
Chatting inanely is optional, but encouraged. Some of our members never say anything, some like me talk too much :slight_smile:

If you got this far, you are probably going to join us, so welcome to Deep Blue Sea!

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