🔵 [Dec 25, 2019] Trials of Shadows Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

100% not attempting/wasting on Stage 3. My team is very bad for this one:

Scarlett +2
Peters +4
Kelile +4

Then I had to pick two from the following:

Layla (max)
Kelile (untouched)
Danzaburo (untouched)
Chesire Cat (untouched)

lol Not great options for an extra 2 to fill the team… I went with Danza + the second Kelile.

10 of each emblem is fine for me and I am happy.


My team last time :point_up_2:
My team this time :point_down:

Minor improvements, still nuked the bosses because I’m not trying to fiddle with their rogue talent dodging my special skills lol. I do have a costumed Hawkmoon and had a thought of putting her in this team but it was fleeting. The rogue emblems again were split between Marjana and Alice while Ameonna needs 9 more now to get to +20. Laugh all you want. Trainer is going to Vlad. I’m sorting my heroes by power and starting at the bottom and leveling them up until I reach whatever 5* I have left.


Same team with Mitsy finished and Tony Danza making a surprise entrance, because…why not?

Sabina, Danza, Mitsy, Musashi, Domitia

Went ok until the last board of the last round and things fell apart a bit. Lost Domitia and Sabina. Needed a few healing pots, axes, arrows to finish them off. Trainer will go to Richard when he’s old enough to use him properly.


Some changes referring to last time:

Cat replaced Danzaburo 3.60…thought I would need yellow but actually it was ok.

Some significant troop upgrades in purple and green.

Sabina emblems upgrade 10->12

Just easy this time…2 heroes died in the end but with very strong purple tiles I just needed a few mana pots and arrows.


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

As usual, this one is a lot of dodging on both sides, and popping Antidotes pretty often.

Otherwise it was straightforward.

I always like using Danzaburo during this one. I wish I had more occasion to bring him along, but I rarely use holy in War because of a lack of holy healers, so this is one of the only places he gets to go. If Season 3 adds a holy 4* healer it will totally change my Roster usage.

Shiny New Emblems

This one was kind of anticlimactic, with too few Emblems for either Inari or Ameonna to step up.

So nothing changes for now. :man_shrugging:

Dwarf Dining

Boril number 2 ate the Trainer Hero.

With Gobbler at 4-68 as part of my “bit of a Hero leveling break,” Boril is about to start eating everything.


My team last time:

My team now:

I used a few items to finish off the bosses.

The new emblems are for Quintus and Domitia.


Managed to do this across all three profles. Did the first two stages on my main and first alt, where as I only did the first stage on 2nd alt cause of level wall.

Here is who I took on my main:

Hoo boy, having Kelile at +11 helped out loads as I could snipe pretty easily and get easy burn damage on bosses. I enjoyed taking costumes Hawkmoon into this trial as the HoT came in handy for the bosses. Domitia didn’t go off once. And Danza was cooperating this time as when I casted him, he kept pouring out the mana and defense boost which was nice. I was expecting a snowflake or two but nope! Rogue emblems are going to Kelile who went to +12 after the first stage and the rest after that are being stockpiled for the next 3 nodes. Sorcerer emblems are being stored.

Here is who I took on my alt #1:

Yeah, this one was a bit of a struggle bus because my only high enough heroes for this one was Scarlett and Dawa. Sabina was high enough to take a bit or two. But I got through it and the emblems are being saved for Scarlett and Sabina respectively.

Here is who it took on my 2nd alt:

Well Danza was in the Christmas mood as with my main, not one snowflake!! He casted a few mana and defense buffs thrown in with a couple swords. I was very surprised and happy at the same time. Both classes emblems are being stocked for now as I do not know who will get them.


I guess the RNG Gods just read my post. :heart_eyes:


@ThePirateKing Or they were in the Christmas mood. :grin::+1:


My team this time:

  • Domitia +10
  • Sabina +20
  • Ameonna +9
  • Kelile 4^70
  • Scarlett 4^52

Major changes from last time, with Ameonna in for Danzaburo 4^70 and Scarlett in for Skittleskull 4^70. Scarlett was a late comer to my roster, so I’m just now getting her leveled, but it seems like she brings a similar skill to Skittleskull, but at fast mana. Danza brings a better color for the mobs, but nuclear Ameonna (all attack emblem path) gives way better tile damage and a somewhat more reliable special for the bosses. Also, I’m trading off some defense for attack here. Ameonna at least has the option to run and hide for a while with her special. Finally, being dependent on just two out of five colors isn’t really my playstyle, but boy, do those two colors pack a punch when they hit. Oh yeah; Domitia also grabbed that super expensive 10th talent node since last time.

Mob waves weren’t too challenging, as Scarlett was able to blunt their attacks and Sabina kept folks in good health. Entered the boss wave with everyone charged and a decent board. Focused snipers on Skittleskull, and she eventually burned to death from Kelile’s DoT. Used antidotes to reverse attack down, although in hindsight, I had intended to do bear banners, as @jinbatsu suggested last time. Having switched to a tile-damage-based team, as I did, banners would have made more sense. I just forgot.

Amazingly, I didn’t notice any evades from Boss Scarlett or Boss Domitia, as I moved to Scarlett after taking care of Skittles. Hit a dry spell of purple, burned through all my healing potions, and lost Scarlett before being able to take out Boss Scarlett. When it was down to just Boss Domitia, she sniped my Kelile, but I had enough room for ghosting tiles on either side that I was able to keep everyone else healthy with Sabina’s heal and hit hard enough with purple and red tiles to finish the job. Only health potions and antidotes used, so I’m a happy camper. Will probably run this lineup again next time to see if this two-color strategy is a long-term thing for me in this trial.

Not enough emblems for Domitia or Ameonna to advance. Trainer hero goes to duplicate Boril. If I had the roster space, I’d save it to see if I can pull Vela with my 19 EHTs on January 1, but I don’t, and F2P should never count on pulling a HotM (even though I’m kinda hoping for her between EHTs, challenge coins, Atlantis coins, and gems in January!) Merry Christmas, all!


Same team as last time, with additional emblem ranks on Mitsuko and Khiona, and higher level troops. Mitsuko and her average speed commandeered the L23 mana troop for her use. I asked Marjana how she felt about that, and she was evasive.

  • On the bench: Scarlett, Tony Danza, Jackals #1 and #2, Nat 3.70, Ameonna, C Cat, Peters, Ceremonial Li
  • Up and coming: Icewitch 3.2 (Isarnia 4.50)

I was disappointed that they pulled the costume portal for this month, as I really want Viv’s and Elena’s costumes, both of which could have proven helpful (Viv especially).

No issues getting to the bosses, with everyone charged and ready to go. I did delay casting Mitsuko’s special by a turn, so there would be some mana to take away.

Musashi finished Scarlett, though there was a whole lot of evading going on.

I took out Dom with tiles, though not before she dropped Sabina. I lost Marjana as well, but at this point the outcome was decided.

Trainer to Isarnia, emblems to Mitsuko and Khiona.


Wish they were for me.
Awful boards for Wars so far + both epic tokens I used were 3* lol. But oh well. Can’t complain at freebies :smiley:


Just won.

Marjana +9
Domitia +1
Danza 3/60

Items used: dragon, bomb, regular mana potion


Kelile Scarlett Marjana Sabina Skittleskull.
Substituted Marjana3/45 for Danza60. Didn’t get really nice tableau like last time so used more items, but still no battle damage items. Once Marjana at 80 should look pretty good. Maybe if Danza ever makes it to 70 he might make it back in.



beat it fairly easily with this team. few items needed. with two attack debuffers, Inari’s dodge and healing, was a piece of cake. Marjana 4/66 replaces 3/70 Domitia