What projects are you currently working on?


I’m kind of on a Hero leveling break.

Right now I’m finishing my only Heroes previously sitting at 3-60 (Boril is my second, I had a maxed one already):

I have 50 EHT stocked to pull on Christmas come January, as I’d rather have a shot at Vela than Grimble.

In the meantime, I’ve just recently started only feeding Gobbler and Boril number 2 from farming and Trainer Heroes, so I can be ready to power level anything I get in January. Gobbler gets everything but blues now, and Boril will get everything when Gobbler is done.

My 2x TC11 and 1x TC2 are accumulating feeders now, with 327 stocked up for collection so far. I also have 25 Summon Tokens saved so far.

I’m banking Food in TC20 as usual, now in preparation for eating the feeders in January.


I’m also slowly feeding Troops when I get feeders.

I long ago stopped working on the blue one, while I await a Crit Troop.

The others get 2* and 3* feeders. 1* go to 2* and 3* Troop priorities for some colors, and are accumulating for others.


For Buildings, I have everything maxed except my Advanced Mines (at 6 and 8, with the 6 upgrading), Advanced House (upgrading to 9 now), and Hunter’s Lodge (Level 1).

I’m planning to finish the House and Mines, and then work on Hunter’s Lodge.

If I finish that and there’s still no SH24/25 release, I probably still won’t build Alchemy Lab. I don’t think I have enough Food to waste on farming Alkashards with it from low levels.

Battle Items

I started prepping for Guardians right after Grimforest, and just finished up during AR.

So I think I’m done crafting for the moment, other than the day-to-day Turtle and Bear Banners, and Harpoons for Titans.