🔵 [Dec 13, 2020] Trials of Justice – Guide, Sharing & Discussion!

Forgot to take any screenshots sorry.

Team this time is the same as last time, only cTibs is up one talent and Jabberwock a few. Also should point out Jabberwock was at +18 before the trial

Clarissa is definitely the MVP here, with Richard being a very close second. Between that elemental link and attack debuff, Joon hit for 500 a piece LOL or barely stronger than a slash. I was honestly surprised at how effective the combination of SS defense+attack debuff was, and when I saw Joon do so little damage, I became a lot more bold with my board play and just started cascading as much as possible without worrying about setting anybody off. So because of that, Joon went off twice, and Justice/Richard each went off once, but their specials either did the same or less than their slash attacks aka just tickled.

Meanwhile, between Chef BT’s attack buff and Tibs’s defense debuff, Jabber was hitting for almost 800 each swipe, so the bosses fell pretty quickly. Did end up using two antidotes to reverse Joon and then Justice’s blind but that was it. Definitely one of the easier trials since I have the right heroes for it.

Item tally: 2 antidotes

Monk emblems to bring Jabber to +19 (as pictured), pally emblems and trainer saved.


I’ve been tracking my team TP for Trials this whole time. Interesting to see that Paladin/Ranger started as my weakest team and is now my strongest.



4x hero challenge

Paladin emblems to Odin, monk emblems to Jabberwock, trainer hero to Mother North.


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