🔵 [Dec 11, 2019] Trials of Survival Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

I decided to try changing things up, inspired by my recent triple Grimm Grimforest team.

The Battle

I really like the damage output on the monsters from this team. It’s definitely a nice synergy.

I had my Special Skills charged and the board set up really well right before the Bosses, but accidentally cascaded and lost my blue diamond and almost all of my blue tiles.

Since I knew it would be a longer battle having to work the board again, I ended up using two Time Stops out of an abundance of caution. Other than that, it was a straightforward win.

Shiny New Emblems

…I guess.

Inari is 38 Emblems short of +4, and I’m still completely torn what to do with my Barbarian Emblems after Little John +18 and Grimm +18.

I keep waffling between Namahage, Azlar, and another Grimm.

I’ve got 93 Barbarian Emblems now, so I should really decide already.

So Many Red Trainers, so few red heroes

I continue to off-color feed reds to my purples, which always hurts more with Trainer Heroes than regular feeders. That’s been especially true with a run of red Trainers from Christmas, and some coincidental ones from loot in the last few days too.

Nonetheless, Proteus number 4 is coming along nicely.