Darts for Vivica or Onatel?

Dear fellow addicts, advice on darts for Viv or Onatel would be much appreciated.
My defence team is thus:

My plan is to level Kunchen once I have enough tabards and replace Khiona, but obviously in the tank position with a bit of a colour reshuffling. Of course as soon as I ascended Khiona, I pulled Kunchen. The current duplicate attack buff is not ideal. 4 tabards to go…

I have 7 darts. I use Onatel a lot in raids and love her mechanic. But I do use Viv for healing versus purple titans, but her speed is a liability. I am torn…
This is the rest of my bench.

Advice would be hugely appreciated.

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I would go Onatel on the basis that you are planning to level Kunchen in the future. This will give you more diversity as opposed to working on two 5* healers (Viv and Kunchen). Onatel will be a sturdy tank in the meantime and will be interchangeable with Kunchen as tank.

I have a similar defense team as yours (Alby-Ariel-Khiona-Onatel-Marjana) and sit in the 2600 cup range. The reason why I would put Khiona mid is because even after she died, as long as she fires once, her attack buff on your flank heroes stays and is absolutely huge. Both your flanks hit multiple enemies, and with the boost, you will see more victories.


These would be my 2 configurations with your heros. Hope this helps.


Thank you @XY3, smart advice :slight_smile:

Agree … from what you have said about you future plans for your heroes I would give the darts to Onatel. Just waiting for two more darts for me to max Onatel too

@JGE thank you for your advice :slight_smile: