Dark lord emblem path?

For whatever reason, sometimes it doesn’t give me the option to post into gameplay and only general discussion. Anyways you can move it if you want, but into the question. Which way should he go? Attack or defense? This is the stats I got. What looks better to you?

I personally always go the attack path on my snipers, even if I plan to use them on defense.

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Yeah I was leaning towards that.


Dark lord with 938(!!) Power … that certainly is a great hero.
It is very often underestimated how important tile damage gets.

As even the special abilities arw calculated by comparing attacking atk value and defending def value. Because of that the high atk on snipers are very important.
Sadly my 2nd Seshat isnt maxed yet, i would have given you some damage numbers of my seshat+20(872 atk) compared to seshat+0 (760atk)

should I go offense or defense?

If you use eptoolbox you can try different paths before you make up your mind.

I went attack. I asked the same question a few days ago. This is mine at 11 and here are 2 pics of him in attack vs defense

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thanks! think I’m gonna go offense.

Personally, I’d emblem him in a way so his at is over 900 and def is over 800. I think that means 2 sword paths at the end. And correct me if im wrong but his DOT won’t increase with sword path. Which is why I’m going to go this route once i get my remaining tabards

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