Guardian Jackal Emblem path

I’m thinking defense and health route. Reason for this is that he already has decent attack stat, plus and this is my main thought: His main purpose is to stay alive to fire his special so the other yellows can benefit, so therefore it’s best to boost the areas best suited to keeping him alive.

Would appreciate your thoughts

I did the same and can’t complain. I prefer him alive than stronger.

Edit: my bad, I planned to choose def/hp path but I must have changed my mind and forgot about it :smiley:

That 600 defense and 1134 health won’t do much…better to go all in on attack IMO.

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This one looks more like attack path except for one node.

Lol, forgive my stupidity. I was planning to go only def/hp path and started that way but apparently changed my mind and completely forgot that. I was so sure I stuck to my plan that I didn’t even check before posting.
Now I feel embarrassed :smile:

Can someone post a pic of Jackal (+18/20) with DEF/HP path?

Mine is attack path.
And he is doing great against telly tanks so far. :blush:.
And I won’t think he needs a def/hp path. He is a rogue, Avade is his armor. He survives atleast to fire twice.
Both in raids and on Titans.
My thoughts.

I usually like the defence route but for Guardian Jackal I went attack route.


Attack all the way! That’s what Evade is for! Be bold or go home! :wink:

ABC: Always Be Charging!

EDIT: It is with regret that I admit that G.Jackal was one of the first heroes I applied emblems to, and he has defense health on the first split, but after that I realized my error and went attack all the way. If not for the large Food & Iron cost to redo it, I would’ve used a reset emblem to fix him.

But not to worry… I got it right for G.Jackal #2 and #3, both at 8 nodes so they charge in 6 tiles with my mana troop… it’s been great for later war attacks. :smiley:

Good gaming!


Crazy attack stats. Are there any hero with a higher attack stat ?

Many thanks for all your input, I’m going attack route

A little. :slight_smile: And there are probably others, but this is the only one I found on my roster.


My bad, I skipped one health node for a sword so just add a little health:

I disagree @Rduke77, my Jackal can take a shot from Kingston/Alaise or a 14* titan (with items) and keep chugging along no problem. That said, I feel like Jackal is one of the more controversial heroes to discuss emblems :smile: :sweat_smile: some prefer all attack, some go all def/health. I love the way I went with emblems though, I’d rather keep his special going.


Pfft, ONLY 832 attack?? Might as well bring a 3* to the fight instead. :wink:

Heh, that’s what’s nice about emblems - you can customize the hero to YOUR playstyle, and if it works for you, that’s all that matters. It sounds like you’re fighting tougher titans than I am, so my more fragile G.Jackal works fine against the 7-8* Titans my alliance fights.

I think it’s great that the OP gets so many different perspectives to help with the decision, it helps to keep the agony of choice going! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good gaming!


Scarlett as @Fizban states, but not many other 4*. I have another Guardian Jackal might go the tank hp/defence route for survivability, just for the increase in yellow tile damage.


I went pure defense/health so he could survive a hit from high level titans. I’ve contemplated removing emblems from him a few times.


I removed emblems from him when i went all in with my emblems to Alice, but now that she’s +18 i’m going to emblem Jackal again since he’s so weak naked.

What level titans do you hit? Only reason I emblemed Jackal was to survive a hit. Jackal and Falcon are the only 4*'s I have emblemed.

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Only around 8* titans nowdays and he can take a hit and is around 400hp after that, but im embleming him back up also because he has good synergy with Malosi and i use him in raids/wars. Previously i gave him the attack path and he could take a hit from a 14* with the help of bearbanners, at least if i remeber right lol.

We’re hitting 12* right now and Jackal dies… a lot. Wish we had 5* yellow and red Eve HotMs. Would be easy for SG, too. They can recycle a special they already have and it makes everyone happy without being OP. Plus, they spend to get it. I would. @Petri hint hint. nudge nudge.

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