Crew-Rabid Wardogz is Recruiting! - 4 Spots Open - 9/10** Titans

Competitive Training Alliance

-Min Cups: There is no minimum cups, we welcome players at all levels
-Use all flags in war and follow war strategy
-Be active daily
-Hit every titan
-Be a teamplayer
-Use Line

Contact: @Tazman @Tblairtruckingincyn or Lousygaymer on LINE

Always remember to have fun and SLAY

Oh and obviously age 18+ only…

*** Crew Family Alliances **


Come learn the game from some of the best!! Join the Crew!!


Join the crazy war dogs of Crew!!! We are all a crazy bunch … I think! :yum:

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If you want to improve your Event placings we also have probably one of the best Line rooms in the game for that.

Crew-Events is a gold mine of monthly tips and advice and you can see how the top players are getting their scores. We will happily give hints and tips on how to build teams, what items to build and I honestly can’t stress just how good it is.

So not only is Rabid-Wardogz a great way into Crew we will help you get better at everything too :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


bumbity bumpity bump

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We’re still recruiting!! Join us!

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aaaaand just like that we have only 3 spots left and we’re up to 10* titans!! come on in!!

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bump bump bump x2021

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bump bump bump again

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