Crew-Direwolves Recruiting


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Direwolves is a Semi-Competitive Alliance of Crew. We are forged by Discipline and Teamwork. And we dont like slackers. We kick people if they are not doing their share, because being high doesn’t actually mean keeping up.
We are big on rules. Rules keep the structure in place and makes everything fair.
We maintain harmony within the alliance,
We like keeping things easy, adjust titan levels upon the alliance’s current numbers, as we do not enjoy a forced victory, it’s a waste of resources.
We do war also depending on the enemies at hand, could be with strategies, or FFA, or both.
And we dont appreciate UNUSED FLAGS.
it’s a waste of everybody’s efforts.

We have 7 spots open, come check us out

Great people here in Direwolves! Check them out!

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