GitRDone Wolfpack :Wolf: looking for a merger

Hi all,

We just had a few folks move to a sister alliance, which has left us with 16. I figured I would post here in case anyone was interested in a merge? (Inviting new members in, we are in a family of alliances, we can discuss leadership, etc.)

Currently hitting 6-7* titans
Casual alliance: Use all flags in AW or Opt Out, don’t miss titan multiple times.

Otherwise a friendly bunch.

Let me know! LineID:oceanbyfrost

I’m going to bring this up to my alliance. We’ve just lost some members and had way too much drama over some players refusing to opt out of war but not using any flags at all.

On the other hand, we don’t require members to have 6 teams. We have a handful of players who are strong and active and I’m hoping they want to get serious and grow, but it will mean tightening up and being willing to lose the dead weight.

So, not sure what they want to do but I’m into it and will bring it up.

NachoAlliance if you want to check us out and see if we’re even a decent fit for you.

Well, let me know what you want to do or if you want to discuss more (as I mentioned, lineID: oceanbyfrost). I’m fine if you want to merge but I’m sure there are questions.

In general:
Friendly chat
It’s a bit more forgiving, we understand that real life comes first. Only if it’s repeated issues would it start bothering us.
We’d probably eventually want the 6 teams (even if it’s just full of 2 stars you can still pick up a point or two) but I’m open to discussion.

Otherwise let me know?


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