Crew-Bears Recruiting - 12-13* Titans, five spaces open

2200 cups
4600 defense
Level 50+
10 maxed 5 s and 30+ maxed 4 /5* 3.70
100k soft target on titans

After successful merger with the Northern Bears, Crew-Barons has re-branded as Crew-Bears!
We’ve currently got one seat available.

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We need one, could possibly make space for two. Come check us out!

Two spaces free. Come on over!

2 spots open, come and get 'em!

Still looking for new members! Come and check us out!

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I am looking for a new alliance. I honestly am so new at this that I need instructions. I have been playing for the last year. Level 45, 2114 cups. If anyone wants to help me sort this out, I would be in your debt. Thanks, Lady Arwyn

We do have one member who is level 47, so in that sense, we could make it work. You would have to concentrate on clean-ups in war and know that the titans will be pretty big. Currently we’re mostly killing 12-13*. If you’re interested, you could come over and check us out and see if you think you fit in. Just say you want to join in game, and someone will let you in.

Still looking for new recruits. Feel free to drop by and see if we’re a good fit for you!

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We’ve got 2 spots open, come help us top it back off to full!

Real life has opened up some more spaces and we’d love fill them as the next POV opens. 5 spaces ready for any looking for a new home!

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