🌴 Costumed Yunan - 5* Nature/Green Costume from Sand Empire

I would like to show where C-Yunan can work well. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the tournament which just finished (5* Bloody Battle, no red), I used my C-Yunan +20 on both offense and defence.

For me, he shined as my tank on defence. I think I was lucky to only get attacked twice on the first day and once on the final day. I was pleased to have an A defence grade everyday. :+1:

This was my tournament defence. Everyone except C-Yunan is fast mana. All are highly emblemed with good troops.

Edited to add: I found two players with a C-Yunan tank who finished in the top 100. :+1:


He shot to the top of my projects. If the family bonus was better I woukd have tried pulling for another sand empire hero but alas. He fits well in my roster!

@SamMe can you post the stats??

Came across this fella in raids, pretty sturdy if you ask me.


Hello @Obsidianj3. Here you go. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for that! I look forward to leveling him :grin::grin::grin:

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just got the guy, and after a ‘light’ reading: a vfast tank/flank (especially when paired with ranaC - water damage, healing cut, up 10% defense) + blemed ~ maybe lbed as a last green

a more appropriate hero for deep rosters, more for f2p ones (me :slight_smile: ) - those who ‘buy’ heroes will eat him eventualy, lol - and only for vfast defs/atks usage


Congratulations, pretty much the best one of the three


This guy sand damage is super strong, +20 emblems full attack path in costume gives him 682 dand damage per 5 turns. Not to mention very high +33% mana gen, and tanky defense stats.

I love this guy. When added with troops his sand damage become more than 800 so roughly about 180 sand damage each turn for 5 turns makes enemies either dead or dying fast.

Might plan to LB him if i get the resources


Super jealous, this guy has eluded me again. But tbf I wasn’t really chasing this portal too much

another good thing about c.yunan, since he can inflict status ailment and at the same time giving increase % mana gen (33% i think the highest among all heroes so far), so opponent should bring cleanser and debuffer (and can possibly destroy their team strategy).

his stats is pretty tanky. i love him. once he charges, his slow become above average.
33% mana increase will make his allies charge faster too, meanwhile the opponent will be busy focusing the cleansing first before 180 sand damage each turn for 5 turns destroy their team quickly and after that they have to stop the 33% mana buff.

c.yunan also very good to bring in maps and hard area. combining with alby (or any mana booster heroes), both of them can charge quickly since they are supporting each other. alby with mana boost and yunan with % mana gen increase. all the team mana will lit up very fast.

double cherry on top:

  • c.yunan intial damage punch is around 170-ish to all.

  • c.yunan also a cleanser, how good is that!


Belated congrats on your C-Yunan @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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does anyone know, for rush war, what effect the 33% mana bonus does? does it charge heroes in 5 tiles, 4 tiles etc as opposed to the current 6? FYI My mana troops are 30/23 in all colours. I found this from @dawnsempires

What if I have Costume Yunan, a level 23 troop, so 33% plus 11%, together with eg 20 emblem Louhi, with an additional 4%, so 48% mana bonus? 5 tiles or 4?

The heroes of the sand empire get away with being the weakest in the game - it would be nice if these characters got a very strong buff in the next year. And not just 5* - 3* and 4* are even begging for any usefulness.

I think I have answered my own question above, which is that to get to 4 tiles you need something like 60% mana boost which is currently unachievable, but C Yunan can make all your heroes 5 tiles charge in rush. I am not blessed with Alfreak or Ludwig, so C Yunan is extremely useful, but only in this format, and Very Fast RT and towers.

Agree his stats are pretty underwhelming, but those that have lb’d him definitely have some tankworty stats for the rush formats.

You are so right about the 3 and 4*!


Is not wotrh at all. It is good loking only on paper, i try all the combination and i cant keep more than 2500 points in raid defence. All the time some players with 700 power point lower than me, win aginst

You may be shooting yourself in the foot using a team like that against 2 counter attackers. Relying a lot on tile damage and more support heroes.

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May be look better, i am on defence team

Well in that case, the attacker can take out yunan with a set of red tiles pretty easily so thats no surprise

Thats my point .i have team with 5000+power with yunan 1200+ defence and enemy come with team with 4300,power, so yunan is weak with all that defence.may be they wil consider to have some penalty with a team same colour and 4 stars against 5 stars rainbow and 700 plus power.Here paladin is not a paladin.

I think that’s the appeal of mono though. When you get the boards, you can take down almost any team. But if the boards ain’t there…

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