🌴 Costumed Roc - 5* Holy/ Yellow Costume from Sand Empire

Not sure why all the hate. Bid defense down to all and dispel to all in addition to what, 900 damage over 4 turns with troops? Decent enough.


Not only. It is important when fighting against any debuff/DOT blocker. If you don’t dispell first, the target will not get sand DOT.

Actually I don’t even know why they make him have DD. Because sand empire is not really about direct damage. Should have given him +30% damage amplifier for 4 turns so the DOT hurts more

The other advantage with sand DOT heroes is the gargoyles have no immunity to them where as they can evade poison/water/burn damage. Gives them a bit of an edge there.


I was seeking more 5 star heroes for Soul Exchange and just pulled this hero with my EHT stash. I dont get all the negativity with quite a few of the posts here - I think this is a fine hero - not amazing but still decent and good for various aspects of the game.

I don’t think we can expect the seasonal heroes to fully match up to the event portal heroes given E&P’s recent standards since they can be summoned with EHTs… but he is not bad at all.

He is obviously an attack hero and will be good for raids and titans.

His forte is the defence down and there are not that many yellow defence down heroes. His 44% defence down at average speed is pretty awesome since it matches better with many attacking yellow heroes which are at fast to average speed. Sure he isn’t quite as good as costume Viv overall but the speed makes him more suited to an aggressive approach.

The dispel all is also excellent coupled with the defence down means when he fires he can potentially turn the whole raid around in your favour.

Sure the sand damage aint amazing but if you add the damage to the damage forthcoming from your other heroes / tiles after the defence down has been applied it all adds up.


I have maximized c. roc and the truth is that I think it’s very good, I’m FTP so I don’t have a wide variety of yellow heroes, I have no doubts about breaking the limit and make his sand damage stronger