🎃 Costumed Frank - 4* Ice/ Blue from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

Anyone tested C-Frank yet, his stack doesn’t seem to be working or am I missing something?
Stack is supposed to occur when there is a dead enemy or enemy minion but it didn’t happen.

Below are 2 screenshots after his specia and there are no stack ailments on the remaining 2 enemies.

Frank himself need to kill enemy/minion for stack

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You need to score actual kill for stacks to happen minions or enemy.

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Ah okay, thanks, that explains it.

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Got it thanks. I was missing something.

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Well now I am happy to pull 2 franks actually, using 2 of them will trigger bonus, plus defence down… nice!

Actually, using 3 alexandrines and 2 franks seams fun, healing non stop and dealing dgm each turn and reducing mana…where are those bera defences ?


Used costume frank in war today. Costume rigard attack boost definitely helped. Those stacks are nice.


Does mana generation stack? If I put Frank between Brynhild and D’andré…

Brynhild and D’Andre both have the same type of mana regen. They won’t stack. Another type, like troop mana bonus or family bonus will stack with Brynhild or D’Andre.

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Did anyone use Frank costume and Skadi together? How is stack damage works when they stack together?

Not me.

But it was tested with other similar stacks.
The max stack is still 10 and whichever you use will add his stack till you reach stack 10.

Frank c gives 20 frost damage per kill
Skadi gives 30 frost damage per kill.

You kill 10 enemies with skadi, you get stack 10 and 300 frost damage.

Example 2:
You kill 10 enemies with frank c, you get stack 10 and 200 frost damage.

Example 3:

  • You first kill 5 enemies with skadi, you get stack 5 and 150 frost damage{5x30).
  • After that you kill 3 enemies with frank c, you get 3 stacks and reach stack 8, you get additional 60 frost damage(3x20) for a total of 210 frost damage.
  • now you kill 2 or more enemies with skadi again. You get the remaining 2 stacks and have now a full 10 stack. You also get 60 frost damage (2x30) for a total of 270 frost damage.

Thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile:

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Is the costume bonus intentionally nerfed or am I missing something? I already had original Frank from last year at 4-70, largely out of boredom. Pulled the costume and was sitting on a nice pile of barbarian emblems due to lack of good options. Took him to +20 and just finished maxing the costume. The costume bonus is only 2, 2, 4, 1 both in regular and costume now that C.Frank is maxed.

What’s happened here???

Due to the difference in stats and specials in non-S1 heroes, the new costumes for non-S1 heroes have a lower bonus that depends from costume round to costume round.

So yes, the lower bonus for Frank’s costume (as well as for Vanda, Victor and Francine) is intentional.


Thanks, but that stinks. Wish I had known. If the devs told us at all, then they really didn’t really say it very strongly.

In the portal you can check what are this costume bonueses at maxed level.


Looking at Frank’s Costume mana debuff? When does that expire?

stacks do not expire

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Is this full atack Frank? Not even 800+? :thinking: