🎃 Costumed Frank - 4* Ice/ Blue from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

Not full attack. I don’t have many good defense down 5*s, so I emblems regular Frank to survive.

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Was already leveling Frank’s costume and saw Skadi in soul exchange, is the difference between them worth the 20 dupes?

Skadi doing more damage / more mana malus then C Frank…

If you don’t have Skadi, he is a good alternative…

Not sure if she is worth 20 dupes for you, if you have at least another 15-20 dupes on top I would trade them for Skadi…
Keep in mind - next time other heroes will come in soul exchange…

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Skadi is a game changer, especially paired with costume Kiril. If I didn’t already have, I would have dropped the 20.

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So after have him at +20, I’m seriously thinking of removing his emblems. His special damage is extremely low and rarely can even kill a weak minion in PvE.

Anyone else thinking he is a bad hero after leveling and using him?

I can’t even get skadi to kill minions effectively now even with DDs, can’t imagine Frank doing anything different from her

I always keep mine on the regular version. I have an abundance of barbarian emblems but I would still keep them on for fast wars usage and certain 4* tournaments. Situational hero for sure.

Just reset him and switched to barbarian attack path. Will see how the normal version does

Update: seems like normal Frank is much better, despite people’s opinion in the poll. The costume is much more fun though. Even when the costume gets a stack the damage per turn is fairly useless anyway and getting more than one or two stacks is difficult as a 4*

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I rarely use regular frank and have two costume franks emblemed. I have plenty of other defense down heroes that I’m not going to use a slow one (I rarely use Isarnia in war).
I only use costume frank for minion killing. He often needs help with it but.

I find him best against some passive teams to slow them down enough so I can take out their revivers and know I just have to outlast the enemy as opposed to win.

I also have a f2p roster so I’d use him less if I had better alternatives.

I also have trouble getting him to actually kill something when he hits, and triggering his stacks. I might use him more in PvE or in the 4* tourneys though - til now I’ve mainly used him in wars where he goes up against 5* minion makers