(7d Website Update) The Costumes have Arrived (for your offline viewing pleasure!)


(Very special thanks to all who contributed the Hero Cards and @Aquaginera_7DD for his assistance in gathering them)

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Too bad the developers have put a halt to costumes!!! Another fine example of programmers rushing to get code out for the bottom line of the dollar $$$$$$$!

We’ll see what happens with it. Until stated otherwise, we’ll keep the current costumes on our website. If changes come about, we will look at them.

Thanks @SRJ_CT_61!

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So yet again BIG BROTHER “flagged” a post that must have hurt their feelings!!! So much for free speech!!

Let’s try to keep this on topic

Thanks @Avicious for the effort in putting this together for the community!


Thank you, thank you, thank you :smile:.

Now, if I could only get some of those costumes :confounded:.


My pleasure! I enjoy doing it! Have fun!


I got Melendor. I’d really like to get Rigard and Quintus

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Thank you all for putting so much effort into this project AND sharing it with the entire community.

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You’re welcome @Sternman :slight_smile:

Thank you for the resource.

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You’re welcome.

I really enjoyed the costume idea. I hit a paywall and wanted to stop playing for a while. Then they revitalized the core heroes with the Costumes. I’m excited to play again!

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