Costume brienne help me understand

Hi all,

Recently received brienne costume and almost fully upgraded it.

Just curious how it works?

Is the negative defense permanent? Or only till her special is up?

Hitting a player reduces their defense by a further -4%. So if you have a diamond and all players get hit they all go down a -4. Wouldn’t her normal offensive attack be better?

I have kailani and her on a team, both of them together pretty strong for defense/offense having over 100% damage is better correct? Rather than having the opposing team be at negative defense.

Where and how would you use this costume and is it at all even better than her original special?

I know defense is considered double of health. So if the defense goes down but they don’t die does the defense come back?


Hi @Boredoooom

When you fire Brienne’s special, all the enemies defence will be reduced by -38% for four turns. This allows you to do considerable damage.

And their defence will be decreased by an additional 4% per hit.

After four turns, the enemies defence will return to normal.

Due to the complex equations behind the damage calculation, defence down is considered the strongest common special ability, so yes use the costume.


+1 on @JonahTheBard :slight_smile:

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If you want to swot up on how damage works, read this thread.


Appreciate the info!
So if I used wu Kong and her against a titan it would do considerable damage? And 4% per tile or per hit a turn? Trying to understand her use! Sorry

Also I read somewhere that emblems used on the main character would be added to the costume. But I see that she is originally a druid but with the costume a cleric. I’ve spent pretty much all of my cleric emblems on kailani, would take months to bring her costume up.

How would I use her with and without the costumes? Special events would be better to use her as offense? Or defense?

I will certainly have a read of the damage stats and how it works. Thanks a lot. :grinning::+1:

Yes. An attack buff like Wu and a defence debuff like Brienne is a standard titan strategy :+1:

Yes again. When the costume is maxxed, including the special, the emblem path from the original hero will map over.

So if you have 5 druid nodes already, they will map over as the same 5 cleric nodes. No extra emblems are needed and you can’t spend cleric nodes on the costume. She can only ever be advanced as a druid.

I would think that the defence down special is almost always better than the attack buff in every situation. One exception might be buff-booster Tournaments where you will get an additional bonus for every buff, but nothing for a debuff on the enemy.


Just quick regarding the Emblems.

As JB said, they follow the base hero path. Also only kick in when the costume is maxed (both level and special skill)

Here’s my Brianne


Normal talent grid


Costume talent grid


Sweet! Thanks bro.

Just upgraded her finally less than a minute ago. Am quite happy that the emblems remain the same. Cause she’s almost maxed and I didn’t want to reset kailani and start all over.

Also have a BT costume. Hes maxed and at 8-9 emblems as a barbarian, his costume change would be a monk and I would hate to spend emblems on him rather than wu Kong. So that clears up a lot!

Did read through the post, very technical. But understood that lower defense is better because players hit harder after the defense has been reduced. Probably read it again when im more focused.

Thanks so much! :+1::+1::+1::grin:


Thanks Guv!

I was worried about that. Because she’s almost at the end. I didn’t want to start over cause all my emblems were used on kailani. So im glad that’s not the case. Was also worried about BT cause his costume was monk! Did not want to use emblems for him.

Thanks for your response!

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Recommend this thread:


Custome Brienne is incredible for a 3*.

Actually I have been running two Briennes (one with custom, one normal, both maxed) for Raids and Titans with an embleded Melendor (heavy tile damage) in a 3-2, 4-1 or even Mono green and they can easily win raids against +3800 and Titan damages over 30000 consistently (which is quite high with 3*)

Sure I will put them in the bench later when I get the 4* and 5* buffers/debuffers but nowadays they are doing a superbe job.


I’ve recently wondered about having a second brienne and use that for challenge event to quickly kill bosses in addition to items

always wondered, how is tile damage treated? one cascade is one hit? or each tile is considered a hit? and do 1’s count as hits too?
also, there must be a cap for defense down?

Those are good questions!

I don’t know actually.

Sometimes there’s a specific cap on % change but it’s not mentioned on the Brienne costume :thinking:

Cap is the same as Athena. Which is 65% :slight_smile:

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decided to look into it myself.
every tile counts as a hit, regardless whether it is missing or not. maximum defense reduction is indeed 65%, which is attainable in just 2 3-tile cascades.


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