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I don’t exactly remember my numbers, but I know I was later than other players; I didn’t push as hard. :slight_smile:


You can get tc13 fairly quick. I‘d say 1.5 months maybe? tC20 I‘d suppose u need maybe 4-5 months. But it depends on priorities and if u have the vip


I think for me it was little over 3 months, with maybe little over month being with VIP.
If you take VIP from the start I’d say you can get to TC 20 maybe in little over 2 months. Without VIP, 5 months. That’s with extreme optimization and rushing towards it.
TC13? not long, couple of weeks, maybe under 2 with VIP.


Since you already need (estimated)
Stronghold 37 days
Ironforge 9 days times 5 - 45 days
Traincamp 23 days

I would doubt these fast numbers. Not taking in account that you also have to level especially your mines to get the iron and farms to get food. Take 5-6 months as rough estimation better than ridicilous numbers such as 2 months haha

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Doubt all you want. Fact is I have now played 4 months, and I have trained 7 legendary training in my single TC that is lvl 20. That means that 3 weeks ago I finished upgrading my TC to level 20.
I started before VIP existed, so I’m not sure how the resources keep up with VIP in the start. But I am willing to claim that if you start again, optimize everything for TC20, you can get it under 2,5 months(with VIP).


If you spend money/gems on filling up your Iron - maybe. Otherwise I don‘t see it happening that fast.


Perhaps future versions of @Coppersky ’s Compendium will hint at how to optimize for SH20/TC20 using the new VIP… :wink:


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Not sure what the numbers will be, but I lost a LOT of iron because my iron storage was always full. Iron from raiding, iron from titan loot, iron from Wanted mission chest, all that iron, just … lost.

I was able to hoard food ( Note 1 ), so when I run out of iron with two builders, I can take some of my food hoard and increase my mines, or when my mines are all 20, my watchtower.

Note 1
As an aside, I currently have too much food, due to lack of ascension items, recruits and good 5* heroes, so I have not touched my farms since April 13th ( about ten days ).

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For easier sharing in game, you can put it in the first post as well :wink:


I have 2 Kiril’s that are exactly the same. When I double stack them, I have consistently had them charge at the same time. Could it be that one hero of the 2 (if different heros) have a slightly different ratio as to when, how much they get charged?

Wow:laughing: Youre the man

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Here is a quick link to the Compendium:

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Is there an update? I can’t seem to find a working link. :blush:

I used the link above your post just now and it works. (I believe the Compendium is being updated, so it may be off here and there.)

I’ve used 2 different Gmail IDs… And restarted my phone… Still getting the same error.

Any other ideas?

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Hmm. I’m able to get into the edit version. I’m gonna assume it’s closed to the general public for the purpose of edits right now, since you can’t get in.

I’ll ask Coppersky when it will be back up again.


I’m going to snag the link and see if someone else at Mystic can open it…

From my laptop (and not logged in) I get this message. S seems to be able to get in.

I have access to at least one other copy.