Coppersky's Compendium - an unofficial game guide

For me, this just adds one more point to the growing feeling I should join the other rats jumping ship. Sad as I really like the game when it was working. :unamused:


I just think it’s a backwards incentive to literally develop an incentive to make you want to leave an alliance with stronger people in it. I like having the ear of Apokaside and Arien, but I know that the longer I stay, the crappier my chances of getting decent items is.


Amen, this seems somehow backwards.

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I’m not talking ship abandonment…I’m quite happy to look for these changes; I know percentages are not always in my favor (even though I wish they always were).


It’s really sad to read that it’s better to leave your Alliance for a weaker one to get improved loot.
To be fair, I’m a top warrior in my Alliance, but others partners may feel that it is better not to help me to increase their chances to get loot in the next Titan. This is stupid.
To belong to a Top Alliance should be better than be top warrior in a weaker one.


Thanks for sharing this Penari!

The good thing to know from this is that the main factor for loot tier is the level of the titan. This at least puts the players that rank lower on the titan into a higher loot category. :slight_smile:

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A new record for number of people visiting the Compendium at one time! :smile:


Very well put. I often get asked how to get certain items and i have to tell those indivdules. Well thi province works for me. Then they try it and they do not get the same things.


there’s been a small update to the compendium and the wiki to correct a typo. Training camp 19, should you ever decide to sink the food into researching it - 1,077,000 btw - will yield only 1* heroes, taking 1 minute each, for the cost of 5.5k food, 2 rugged clothes, and 2 recruits.


Wanted to say I saw you on global chat giving gaming tips to noobies. I thought it was cool until I found your compendium which was even cooler. Kudos to you for being an awesome asset to the community!
Essential Element


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Absolutely marvelous!
Thankfully, I found this lovely document early in the game, and it has been my EP bible ever since.

A big huge THANK YOU!


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I think I found an edit.

Under Stronghold:

After the tutorial you have 5 slots available to build a farm, iron storage, and food storage.

It only lists three buildings but 5 slots. Also, I’m at SH20 and have 4 TCs, but I only see 3 listed; SH5, SH11 and SH20.

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Buildings after tutorial: 1 mine, 1 house, 1 training center, 1 iron storage, and 1 forge
5 expansion slots after tutorial: 3 farms, 1 food storage, 1 iron storage
@Coppersky in the Wiki (base/stronghold) is also just mentioned “5 slots” but not that 3 slots are for farms
By the way, thanks for your efforts :kissing_heart:

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Yes I also say that you do very little damage when missing a hero. It pays not to have a missing hero I believe.


Didn‘t want to start a new topic on this.

I am currently running towards stronghold20, currently @17. Is there any tips or proposals that suggest which level all your Buildings should have by hitting it? And tbc i Dont mean restrictions like ‚all iron storages on Lv18‘ I‘m more concerned with Mines, Forge, Windmills - TrainingCamps. I want to get to TC20 asap because I lack 4* Heroes like Wu and stuff!
Thnx in advance

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I think it’s really up to you, if you’re not talking about building limitations.

I’m personally going for all 20’s because I like nice and complete packages…but I’m gonna do them in a certain order because some are more useful than others:

  • Training Camps (currently 16-20)
  • Forges (15-20)
  • Mines (17-18)
  • Farms (14-15)
  • Barracks (4)
  • Houses (10)
  • Iron Storage (18)
  • Food Storage (14-15)
  • Watchtower (10)

I’m perfectly fine if I leave everything as it is now, but there’s that completionist in me… :wink:


Depends on what you want. I rushed to TC20 cause I’m fairly low-paying user abd did not have thay good heroes. Because of this I heavily prioritised stronghold and tc. Rest of my building at SH20 were:
Farms 9-10, one even unbuild.
Mines 10-11, and one 16 (would be lower but VIP caused a shortage)
Watchtower 15(liked upgrading it when I hat that irpn shortage)
Forge 7 (only one build, others are still not up)
Barracks 1.
Tc 2x11 and 13.

Now after I got SH20 and upgraded one TC to 20 I was in a big hurry with my farms, had to upgrade them non stop for a while. Also I did suffer somewhat because of my low level forge. But I don’t regret it, I got TC20 really fast and I knew the risks of not levelling farms or forge.


how long it took you to get sh at 20 and first tc at 20, since you started playing? and do you maybe remember how long until tc13?

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