Confused about benefits from new limitless hero/troop levelling

Hi, I tried to figure this out on my own, but got confusing results (probably cause the food amount is truncated into k as u level up.

My question is, with the 10-hero-leveling limit removed, did they remove the savings u used to get from using multiple fodder heroes at a time to level (10 being the limit back then). Basically, is there currently any benefit to leveling with x ## of fodder heroes vs leveling using 1 fodder hero at a time?

Is this also true for troops and limit breaking?

Hope someone (@PlayForFun, @Petri?) who knows for sure can answer. Thanks.

Sorry about the confusion. Edited for clarification.

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As you level up your heros it does take more experience to go from say 1:1 to 2:1 than 2:1 to 3:1… So your 1* feeders don’t change in worth, it’s just you need more of them the higher you level your heros… I don’t think this has changed :thinking:.

Now you can feed more at one go, however it doesn’t automatically tell you (and it should) once you’ve maxed a level so you should still watch for when a level is maxed.

Does that answer your question? :thinking: I’d still tag @PlayForFun just in case. :wink:


Are you asking about this ?

If you asking about what happens if you want to level with 100 heroes / troops for example, then the food/iron cost is only constant only for 10 heroes / troops, and after that it increases to the actual number on the proper level, and it is constant again for 10 heroes / troops.

So the food / iron cost is the exactly for level with 100 heroes / troop compared to if you do 10 leveling with 10 heroes / tropps at a time.


I did something similar, for two cases, approx 35 feeders, including high value trainers.

  1. Start with lowest value feeders working up towards the highest value feeders.
  2. Start with highest value feeders working down towards the lowest value feeders.

Case 1 will cost less food using the exact same feeders. As you said, the cost is truncated and you lose sight of significant digits. The cost does go up as you level after the first 10.


XP requirements for each and every level haven’t changed with this QoL update. Neither did the XP gain for any feeders.

Food-wise, it didn’t change either and the same food-cost minimization technic still applies. As the post before me said, pick the feeders from the least XP giving one to the one giving the most, in order.

People stating that that update changed the feeding mechanics and numbers just never completely understood how it has always worked.


Sorry about the confusion. My mind had a brain freeze. I’m basically asking if there is any benefit to leveling with x ## of fodder heroes vs leveling using 1 fodder hero at a time.

There is definitely benefits feeding a multiple of 10 feeders at a time. Indeed food cost (+iron cost for LB levels) per feeder depends on the initial level of the hero/troup you are feeding and the same cost is applied for the ten feeders even if the third one for example made the hero/troup levels up. When using more than ten feeders, the cost per feeder is recalculated for the 11th feeder onwards based on the level reached with the 10 first feeders. Same thing every set of ten feeders (for 21st, 31st, etc). And that’s why, to maximize feeder efficiency, you have to use (pick/select) the least XP giving one first going up to the one giving the most XP.

Using one feeder at a time will just be a lot more expensive since the cost per feeder will be recalculated for every one of them.


Thanks a lot, @Elioty33. So if I understand what you’re saying, if I wanted to FULLY maximize my food savings, I should feed 10-20 fodder heroes (using up the lowest xp giving first) at a time, the number being determined by what gets me as close to the next level as possible without gaining a level. And repeating the process, instead of just feeling like 50 fodder heroes at a time?

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Thanks, Playforfun. Yours and Elioty’s answers were what I was looking for despite me writing my question incorrectly.


yep 20 feeders approx or whatever multiple of 10 gets you close to leveling without actually leveling. Then move to next lowest feeder, (or get more from the bank/Training camp)


I feed my 1/2* feeders one or a few at a time, ham permitting, till I get very close to levelling up. I am levelling heroes at the same time.

The next feed is just 10x feeder 3* troops. Only 10. To cross over. Then I continue with 1/2* feeder troops again. There’s no more “ham savings” after the 10th feeder.

This is what I did to max to my mana troops to 30/29/29 .

I held back my 4* feeder troops to push from 29 to 30. Only 1 rainbow set.

My method is painstakingly slow. But I see the results week by week. It all adds up.

One more thing: When I am able to amass many 1/2* feeder troops post farming event, I will set aside specific days for ham usage:

Hero levelling : 1357
Troop levelling : 246

This arrangement is temporal. Once bulk of feeder troops are used up, it’s back to the same old same old. :point_up:


Yes, I think you really got it. You can indeed optimize it further by using as many of your lowest XP giving feeders to get as close as possible to the level up but without making it through. Then the next 10 feeders will go through the following level(s) at the cost per feeder of the original level :+1:

I don’t bother too much with that maximum optimization though except for the last few levels and LB levels of 4 and 5* heroes and for troops since each level requires a lot of XP and the cost per feeder is rather high.

Happy food saving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s slow on the moment but in the long run, it’s definitely the cheapest and most optimum way :+1:


I’ve done the exact same thing at times (level with small troops till it almost reaches the next level, then use a higher troop to do 10x at a time crossing the level), but I’ve never done the calc (I wouldn’t even know how), so I’ve never been sure whether it would be cheaper overall to use those higher star troops in later levels instead. Have you? I’m still unsure if it saves food or not. :v:

Thanks, @Elioty33.

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Yes it does but minimal. Each level up increases ham cost by 5k per feeder. Essentially you would have saved 45k by doing this.

9 feeders into next level @ 5k ham = 45k ham saved

That 45k ham goes towards the next 1/2* feeder.

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