Colors in damage numbers, What do they mean?


First of all, thank all for resolve my doubts and sorry for my level of English.

I know that it is a bit strange to ask this at this point but for a question with a partner of the alliance we want to know what the colors of the damages reflected in the game mean.

I think it is:

  • White damage numbers = weak or no hero damage
  • Yellow = Regular damage
  • Red = Strong damage (I.e Red vs Green)
  • Cyan = Critical damage.

But he told me that yellow is critical case in other games it is… and I don’t think so.

BTW, there are things that are still not understood, for example in Titans when he hits you with slash and it should be weak it always appears in red, or when a neutral color in raid hits you with his ability or slash its always red.


Oponent: Panda 36 slash damage = red

Me: Leonidas Skill vs Kageburado = yellow

Vella skill in red vs Yellow

Telluria skill vs Anzog…

I cant find a thread with this. Thanks for u patience.


So I will break this up into two sections; the numbers appearing on the other team & the numbers appearing on your (the attacker) team.


i.e. the Defending team in a raid, the Titan, the mobs in map farming etc…

Red = Strong Damage (2x Normal Damage)
Yellow = Normal Damage
Grey = “Weak” damage (0.5x Normal Damage)
Teal = Crit Damage (2x Normal Damage)

Note on “Strong” or “Weak” damage AND Crit at the same time:

Some Additional Threads on calculating of the damage:

On YOUR Team

Here the colours mean something different.

Redy Orange = Damage (either from slashes, Minions, skills etc… There is no “elemental strong or weak” colours)
Green = Healing
Teal = Crit Damage
Light Blue = Over-Heal (i.e. from a Health Boost Hero like Gullinbursti or Heimdall)


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