Cleaning house (part3 or so?), which purple 3* should i keep

My 3rd (or is it 4th) post regarding this…

Which purple 3* should i keep?

I have cTyrum, baltazar, gilra, bjorn.
I just pulled jack and vlad from this event.

In the interest of conserving my roster space, i would only like to keep 5 purple 3*. Which can i feed off?

:crazy_face: sorry but i will not buy more roster space. Haha!!


As someone with a maxed Vlad, he is unimpressive. I saved him because he is not a S1 hero and I feel compelled to save one of each.

Maybe take a look through the polls here? It is for all 3 stars but may help give some insight into favored choices.


I maxed vlad as had nothing else at the time and used him for the first time the other day, I probably won’t use him again unless I get the pumpkin dude and see what his like just for the family bonus. Id keep both as they event hero’s but if you only want 1 I’d keep the pumpkin.


Thanks, i looked thru the polls, but they were comparing best 3* heroes across events. It was an interesting read but it doesnt answer my question regarding best purple 3*… :grinning:

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I was thinking of getting rid of gil-ra or tyrum… but it does sound like that vlad is rather underwhelming… most of the time 3* tournaments also restrict troops, so vlads mana speed cant be buffed (unless used with jack…)

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They prob the best to keep, as if you get tyrum costume he can cleanse your team and girla does too plus def and attack down. plus a sorcerer be handy for the first few stages of trials. These I would keep.


Speaking from experience, Vlad is garbage. Get rid of him.

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A lot of people are disappointed with Vlad. I’ve fed him off but Tyrum, whose costume is easy to get is good and Gil-Ra is good in V. Fast Tourneys.

Vlad is the worst one of those 6, so (like others have said) I would feed him away.

As others have said, costume Tyrum and gill-Ra are great.

Balthazar is fast and hits hard,

Bjorn is average, but does a lot of damage per turn with his two hits. Very great damage output.

And Jack would also do more damage than Vlad does.

Vlad is good against healers, but then in a 3* arena there aren’t many healers… even if he’s very fast and his damage stacks, he doesn’t do enough damage to begin with…


I would level Jack for sure. Little effort to max a 3 star, I say go for it!

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Thanks for your comments. I guess jacks getting levelled and vlad is getting eaten!! :crazy_face:

The only reason I haven’t fed vlad is because I like to have all the heroes (well there are a few S1 3* I didn’t keep). The same reason I still have Ammeona and Stonecleave even though I never intend on maxing them.

But overall for different tournaments an overall selection of more than five can be useful I think. In purple worth having maxed I think are: ©-Balthazar, ©-Tyrum, c-Renfeld, Gill-Ra, Guardian Bat, Chochin, Bjorn, Oberon and maybe An-Windr.

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Hi there!

When in doubt I compare my heroes’ overall stats on - it helps make it easier for me to decide who to axe if the need arises. :blush:

Hope this helps.

Keep them all , they’re always good to use in the future

If you’re dead set on only keeping 5, then keep cTyrum, Bjorn, Gill-Ra, Balthazar, and Jack. Vlad is pretty useless. My two from last Halloween are still not leveled. Jack is a fun new hero.

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My picks would be:

  • Gill-Ra
  • Bjorn
  • Jack
  • C-Tyrum
  • Balthazar

I would ditch vlad… not even worth it lol

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