Which dupe/s to get rid of? [Poll Edition]

Hi guys! My roster is full and I’ve already fed away all the heroes which were disposable to me and I don’t want to pay the high gem cost again for roster space. I have way too many 5* dupes but unfortunately I need a few more soul exchanges to resolve this.

Was hoping to get some advice on which dupe/s you think are worth sacrificing, as originally I wanted to keep dupes of these for future use since I’m going to be slowing down my pulls after S5. Reason I keep dupes of good heroes is for use during tournaments mainly.

These are my options, who should I throw away?

  • Dupe Frank (costume)
  • Dupe Xiahou Dun
  • Dupe Zhou Yu
  • Dupe Franz
  • Dupe Anastasia
  • Dupe Anton
  • Dupe Sergei
  • Dupe Ingolf
  • Dupe D’Andre
  • Dupe Lady Woolerton
  • Dupe Yao
  • Dupe Jing

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Thanks so much for your vote/input!

In a vacuum I voted for Lady W. I really wanted her when they first released her. However, once I got her last year I’ve hardly used her. :sweat_smile:

They released the Pig and D’Andre too, who I use a lot more frequently. I’ve a dupe Lady W. and may feed her away too. :see_no_evil:

I assume you cannot feed away any more 3*, right?


Thanks for that! I actually was leaning on Lady Woolerton too since I also have the pig, Wang Yuanji and two D’Andres so I probably have too many 4* yellow healers. I’ve already fed away most my unused 3* and the only ones I have left are Chick Jnr, Frosty, Dolgoon, Kornel and Arman (for VF wars) which I have plans to level up at some point? The 4* non-dupes I was considering sacrificing were Sumle or Jabbar, I keep the latter more as a collectible :joy:

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All of them (I don’t keep duplicates). I keep one of each and then duplicate 5* to eventually trade in. More than enough good heroes to not bother with duplicates

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I definitely understand keeping heroes for collection purpose only. :rofl:

Out of those two, I’d sacrifice Jabbar*. I’ve kept a Jabbar at 3.60. I have plenty of mats, and haven’t felt any need whatsever to max it. In other words, I haven’t found a use for him.

*I do suggest keeping at least one copy of every hero. To be clear, this is a suggestion specifically for you. :wink:

I wonder if @Shunt would care to offer any suggestion/advice on any hero you’ve mentioned? I think he was only missing one 4* in the game. Not sure with Wo3K and C-Jack O’Hare released now.


The only dupe on that list I’d keep is Sergei, since it makes sense to use two of him at once, one focusing on the EDD charge and the other on the attack boost.

With circus and W3K I was able to fully complete my set of 4*. I don’t consider having a costume necessary for completeness, of the S1 I still lack Gormek’s costume but I did pull jack’s costume as well as lepus. I had 56 pulls saved to hope for the HOTM but lepus came on the last coin pull.

There are so many heros to use I’d be bored using dupes, and as I’m also leveling up every single hero I have no matter how “good” I think they are, it incentivizes me to try new things and keep the game interesting.

I’m in a similar boat, I’m mainly using gems not for summons but to buy WE for Atlantis to keep this huge leveling project going fast as possible with 3 TC2 at all times. I’m down to my last 15 or so 5* to take to 3/70, I have all 3* finished with emblems and most LB, I have all 4* finished but the least useful 1/5 of them at 3/60 for now. I’m stockpiling lots of 4* AM so that when I have every hero done then I’ll evaluate my needs and decide who to take to 4/80. Once this is done then I’ll turn my food hose on troops.

So for me, you could feed anyone that’s a dupe really. But also I’d always use gems to increase the roster space rather than feed any hero I don’t want to lose. I’ll be glad when I can drop the rest of my 30 odd 5* dupes and really have my roster space back


I have 3 Franz and 2 Sergei and 2 Anton. Only one if each copy is maxed and emblemed and LB but I intend to max the others too, especially Anton whom I will emblem and LB as well

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice!

@SamMe I do wish I could keep one of every hero, but unfortunately I’ve been too crazy with summons in the last 6 months and I have around 130 dupe 5* taking up all the space and it’s gonna take me until end of 2023 until I can finally clear them all with SE! For that reason, there’s a lot of S2 S3, S4, seasonal and event 3* and 4* that I’ve had to feed away even though I want to collect them all :smiling_face_with_tear: Hopefully once the roster space clears I can start collecting.

@Shunt That’s really interesting, love your levelling approach and variety in play style! You must have a ton of 4* mats :slight_smile: Congrats on pulling Master Lepus on your last coin, that’s super lucky! I’ve noted your point on Sergei, I kind of was thinking of keeping dupe Anton/Anastasia for similar reasons given they have two charges that do completely different things. Especially since I’ve been reading their threads about how they are some of the best 4* heroes now after their recent buff.

@Kenji69666 Ah right, yeah Anton I find to be really strong which is why I was keeping a dupe in the first place. Interesting you plan on levelling up 3 Franz, how do you plan to use them all?


I’ve got a few…


I’ve kept a dupe of Sergei and D’Andre, but really you could (/should!?) get rid of all of them.

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Thanks guys, so far I’ve fed away Ingolf, Lady Woolerton and Jing (decided to hold onto Anton for now)! Needed to dispose of 3 as I just pulled Sir Roostley and dupe Thorne :sweat_smile:. When I need another slot (likely for Silvaria), Yao is next to go.


Congrats on your Sir Roostley @Kenzo! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

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buy more roster space. i don’t like buffs but they might come.

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Just dump the 3* dupes… Unless you plan to stop pulling from those events completly, more will come :slight_smile:


Thanks mate! Wasn’t expecting it but he was the last one I needed in the family as I picked up the purple bunny from SE and pulled the blue one a week ago :slight_smile:

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I understand that’s the easiest solution but trying to hold out for the SE in May if I can. But realistically I probably will have to buy roster space during S5 :sweat_smile:

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I’ve already dumped all my 3* dupes haha, except for the two W3K ones in the poll. Only reason why I was considering keeping them is they took me heaps of pulls to get (weird odds for event 3*), so it’s unlikely I’d get them back as I’m not a fan of this portal. Anyway I’ve fed one away and probably will do the same to the other!


Probably a fluke… I got plenty of them, though only one 4* and of course, no 5*

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2 Franz mainly for mythic titan. Only one +20 LB for rush tourneys/ war
If I could max all 3 Franz, probably would use all 3 in no red rush tourney

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What does your 3 star event team look like? I am thinking 2 Yaos might fit in there instead of the 2 CKarils? I haven´t gotten a single one yet, so not quite sure, but at least I am planning on switching them out.

I didn´t keep any of the dupes you mentioned, but I haven´t had all of them yet either.

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